Feb 9 2013
Name A Star Package with Option for Software Add-On (Up to 64% Off)

Astronomy buffs can name and dedicate a star with any message they’d like and receive charts and software to help find the pet gas ball.


When you wish upon a star you personally named using Name a Star Live, it will at least have the decency to write a letter explaining that it has no power over events on Earth.

Choose Between Two Options:

  1. $14 for a Name A Star Instant Gift-Set Plus (a $29.90 value)

Within minutes of naming a star and penning a dedication message, astro-enthusiasts receive a digital certificate indicating the new nomenclature and telescopic coordinates and a star chart that pins down its location in the night sky.

At some point over the next year, the name and message will be loaded onto a rocket ship and launched into space, at which time clients will receive a launch certificate. This gift set also includes an informative ebook that covers such topics as sunspots, black holes, dark matter, and when we can expect Star Trek to come true.

2.  $29 for a Name A Star Instant Gift-Set Premium with Virtual Planetarium (a $79.80 value)

On top of everything listed above, the premium gift set also contains a full-colour astrophotograph that shows your star’s constellation and an inset showing the star in relation to its neighbors.

This photograph is produced within one business day and delivered via email. This package also includes the Virtual Planetarium astronomy software, which features NASA images, online resources, 3-D photos of Mars, and an easy way to locate your star.

Name A Star Live is a branch of Space Services, Inc., an undisputed pioneer in commercial space flight. Space Services has been launching satellites and mounting extraterrestrial missions since 1981.

They’ve also delivered roughly 10,000 messages and an asteroid made entirely of freeze-dried ice cream to the astronauts on the International Space Station. In 1995, the business began providing orbital services to the global public, and sends up new stellar names and messages with every rocket launch.


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