Mar 31 2011
Google Search +1 Enhanced Search? How about a -1?

Google is rolling out +1, as part of an effort to continue to enhance search results.

You can opt in before it is available to all at

What are the thoughts so far on +1, well my first reaction is how about adding -1.

But like facebook’s like feature, there is no dislike, perhaps this is something that is coming, but I believe that users would be as inclined to use a dislike ¬†or -1 as much as they use a +1 or like function.


Here’s some info from the Google website:

Use +1 to give something your public stamp of approval, so friends, contacts, and others can find the best stuff when they search. Get recommendations for the things that interest you, right when you want them, in your search results.

To participate in this experiment:

  1. Make sure you’re signed into your Google Account (required)
  2. Click ‘Join this experiment’
  3. Search for something you love on
  4. Click the new +1 button, and make your mark on the web

Your +1’s are public. They can appear in Google search results, on ads, and sites across the web. You’ll always be able to see your own +1’s in a new tab on your Google Profile, and if you want, you can share this tab with the world.

Please note, it may take a while before you see the button in search results, and it may occasionally disappear as we make improvements. Your feedback will help us make it better!

Learn more about +1


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