Jul 17 2012
GoMarket – External SEO Checking Simplified

Every businessman knows the value of marketing in order to get their company well known and established within their chosen field, but not everyone is as proficient as they might like to be in the means of achieving that end goal. Never look a gift horse in the mouth when it comes to cheap advice and guidance and this has never been more true than the service offered by GoMarket  

For just $24.97 a month, GoMarket will provide a Back Link Checker that monitors your back links, analyses and reports changes. This one-off monthly price wil allow you to:


Identify Anchor Text

Report Changes To Back Links

Automatically Schedule Checks

Fully Utilise The Web

It can save you time and therefore increase productivity and reduces costs as you no longer have to manually check the links yourself

It is highly user friendly and easy to use

It is an automatic system, taking a lot of the forward planning and hands on management out of the process

It is descrete and anonymous so that your company isn’t identifiable while carry out the necessary checks you require

The software comes with an easy to use, attractive interface

It provides increased clarity by identifying how and when webmasters are making changes to your links

Overall, GoMarket boast that they check far more links than their competitors giving you increased value for money and peace of mind

Standard options also allow you to benefit from specialised messaging and report generation


This really is a tool that could maximise your business with only a minimal monthly outlay. Best of all, if you subscribe to the Back Line Checker before 31st August 2012 and use the coupon code TENBUCKSOFF, GoMarket will give you $10 off the regular monthly asking price! All that and a saving as well…..can’t be bad!


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