Jul 31 2008
Get ready for 8-8-8 flickr

A most auspicious day!

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Weâ??re celebrating another 24 hours of Flickr on Friday, August 8, 2008!

A year ago, just over 7,000 of you shared a slice of your day from May 5, 2007. It was wonderful to see the similarities (weddings, birthdays, graduations, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, etc.) and differences across the flickrverse.

Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2007 Afriscape 3 Pelicans for good luck childrens day

Weâ??re going to celebrate another 24 hours of Flickr â?? Flickr 888. Take a photo anytime when itâ??s August 8th where you are, then share it in the group.

Thereâ??s more! Our cool friends at MOO are going to create unique Flickr 888 Postcard Packs that will be available early this fall. So, mark your calendars and save the date for another 24 hours of Flickr, Friday August 8, 2008.

Photos from wazari, Fluffy Wobbleyou, Declan!, and DG Belle.
View more 24 hours of Flickr photos from last yearâ??s event, on May 5, 2007.

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