Jun 21 2011
Get a 7-Day FREE trial with RealtyTrac! Find a foreclosed property now! Save up to 50% off market value!

People are opting more for foreclosure homes as they not only cost less but are feasible too. There are many website companies offering foreclosure homes and among them RealtyTrac is the most reliable and best place where you can save up to 50% off market value. What makes it unique is its seven day free trial period!

The company offers you more than two million default, auctions and homes owned by banks and all the other details pertaining to the foreclosures from its sale to buying. The company will provide the complete sales history of the home including the name of the owner and lender and contact information of the trustee and attorney. In fact you can also find agents who help buyers in buying foreclosure homes. RealtyTrac provides indepth and up to date information on the different types of foreclosures making it one of the largest places for buying foreclosure homes and properties. It lists all kinds of auctions going on, pre-foreclosures, HUD foreclosures, VA foreclosures and REO properties and foreclosures owned by banks. It also allows the interested buyers to have an access to the properties through maps, satellite views and even bird’s eye view photographs. You can also have extensive information on the procedures you need to follow while buying back foreclosures, for bidding at the foreclosure auctions and to reach default homeowners.

Along with that browsing through the RealtyTrac, you get the latest information on everything that is happening in real estate business. If you are really serious in buying a foreclosure property and unable to understand from where to buy, just visit RealtyTrac and you will find answers to all your questions and even proper way of dealing in buying the foreclosure property.

A FREE Trial gets you access to:

* Over 2 million default, auctions and bank-owned homes.
* Listing details and photos for MLS-listed foreclosures.
* Full foreclosure details and property characteristics, including addresses.
* Extensive property research, including loan and sales histories plus comparable sales.
* Owner and lender names, and trustee/attorney contact info.
* Agents who specialize in assisting foreclosure buyers.

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