Aug 29 2008
Fox Reality Show: Breaking the Magicians’ Code

Breaking the Magicians’ Code

If you’ve ever wondered how a magician can survive getting buried alive or having his head chopped off by a guillotine, you can now set your curiosity at ease.

Under the guidance of a masked magician, Breaking the Magician’s Code takes you behind the scenes of some of magic’s most perilous illusions.

As he exposes the secrets of these dangerous acts, resist the temptation to try these tricks at home!

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Thursday September 4th, 06:00 PM ET
The masked magician risks job and art to demystify the world’s most famous illusions, including surviving impaling by spikes, stretching an assistant into unnatural positions, knife-throwing, pulling a person out of a tiny dollhouse, catching a bullet in ones teeth, reorganizing an assistant’s limbs, and making a 110,000lb army tank disappear.
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