Mar 30 2010
Fight your fears with acupuncture

I’ve heard several stories about how affective acupuncture can be, but have never attempted it myself due to a very real fear of needles. Apparently a short treatment with several strategically placed sharp pins has the ability to numb certain areas of the body, so that surgery can be performed without the use of medication.

There are many skeptics to this ancient Chinese form of medicine, but after years of research and development acupuncture is now being taken seriously and is even used regularly in western hospitals and doctors offices. Practitioners of this treatment believe that the body is made up of ‘Qi’ or energy and when this energy is disrupted or put out of balance, we begin to feel the symptoms of sickness. It is believed that our life force flows through lines and channels around our body and in order for an acupuncturist to heal someone they must place needles along certain lines, this blocks the energy and rebalances the bodies system.  

Of all the different functions that acupuncture has, doctors today are most interested in its amazing ability to anesthetize specific parts of the body. Recently dentists have been using acupuncture to relax patients that are petrified of going in for a check up. Instead of using strong sedatives to knock out a patient, two needles are inserted into acupuncture points on the forehead, which helps calm them down. So far the trial runs of this treatment have worked with 20 patients who prior to the acupuncture could not be dragged into a dentist’s chair. The use of acupuncture in the dentists office has raised so much interest that it is now compulsory for dentistry students to learn the basics of this ancient art form. The benefits of this form of anesthetic are wide, and now doctors are considering using it on the operating table in the near future.

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3 thoughts on “Fight your fears with acupuncture

  1. Today's medical treatment acupuncture is a renowned treatment to most of the doctors and hospitals because they have got tremendous success from this treatment. So I think if someone fight fears with acupuncture then it will be easy for them to win. Thanks

  2. A comprehensive guide to Acupuncture & having a fear of needles. UK Health Center Information. From here you may know about the how effective acupuncture can be, but have never attempted it myself due to a very real fear of needles. A lot of thanks and wish to get more helpful info in the next.


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