Jan 30 2014
Family Winemakers of California 2014 – Pasadena March 9, 2014

Family Winemakers of California 2014 Pasadena

Family Winemakers of California

Pasadena Tasting

“From Our Table To Yours”

Pasadena Convention Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Please note the change in dates/times from previous years: 

Sunday, March 9: Trade 1 – 6 pm, General admission Consumers 3:30-6 pm. Limited offer Consumer 1 – 6 pm.

Tickets are $70.00 at the door.

Your ticket includes: Unlimited access to 175+ wineries from 20+ California appellations pouring over 35 varietals and 750 different wines; commemorative wine glass; a great variety of cheeses and crackers; on site food vendor.  Wine orders may be placed at this tasting, to be shipped from the winery.  Many wineries will be offering special pricing on shipping and/or select wines.

One thread weaves through this tasting — an ethic of craftsmanship to bring you the best wines — “From Our Table to Yours”.  This tasting is about the breadth of wineries from across the state, an enormous range of varietals, and wine growing appellations from all over the state.  All Family Winemakers tastings focus on wineries that are small (under 5000 cases), have limited marketing outreach, and will be represented by family members.  Many wineries in this year’s tasting will be pouring with us for the first time, giving you a taste of the new kids on the block.  You can sample new releases from your classic favorites and from wineries just selling their first vintages.  Check out varietals you’ve never heard of or your best-loved Cabs and Chardonnays.  This well-respected tasting is a once-a-year opportunity to tour and taste California’s wine country under one place.

For those that have not participated in a wine tasting of this size, we have developed some Helpful Hints.  Click on the link to download our Consumer guide to wine tastings.

Contact us: tasting@familywinemakers.org, (415) 705-0646

Participant expressly grants the promoter and its licensees to use holder’s image or likeness in connection with any live or recorded transmission or reproduction of such event, and the right to send you emails about subsequent tastings.

No one under 21 admitted, including infants.
Only certified service animals are allowed.

Small, family-owned wine producers across the state are the foundation of Family Winemakers of California.  Formed in 1991 to lobby for the rights of its members to freely produce, market and sell their products, we currently represent over 450 producers.  FWC hosts these tastings because they provide a cost-effective marketing approach for small, family-owned wineries, which allows them to share what the vines produce and they craft so you can enjoy it on your table.

Wineries pour at our Pasadena and San Mateo tastings.  The wineries remain dedicated to producing the finest wines they can from what vineyards across the state offer.  You’ll taste the passion for combining the right soil, the right grape, and the right microclimate into every bottle.

Our legislative and regulatory work augment these trade and consumer tastings to help our members succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.  This will be our 11th year hosting the Pasadena Tasting.

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Our first tasting was held on November 12, 1991, in the Sheraton Palace Hotel in San Francisco.  Family Winemakers had 71 member wineries back then, and 47 of them poured that night for about 350 members of the wine trade.  We’ve grown.  We have over 500 members today and many of them pour at one or all of our three tastings: San Francisco, San Diego, and Pasadena.  We’ve grown, and so have our tastings, but some things haven’t changed.  The wineries are just as dedicated as they were in 1991 to producing the finest wines they can, the winemakers are just as passionate about the right soil, the right grape, the right microclimate.  And Family Winemakers is just as committed to presenting our member wineries and their wines at tastings that showcase the breadth and depth of winemaking in our state.   Family Winemakers … Taste California!

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