May 3 2012
Experiences and More for Those Who Enjoy Wine at @lot18
This image shows a red wine glass.

This image shows a red wine glass.

Lot 18 is a website that sells wines online and their aim is to bring a taste of the wine country to its clientele. Lot 18 offers the hard to find wines and gourmet food at a reasonable price. They also offer wine and gourmet themed travel trips plus exclusive dinners at top restaurants worldwide.
The people that run Lot 18 have one simple rule to live by and that rule is that if they would not even spread their own money on the product, they don’t expect their clientele to spread their money on the product. If the bosses of Lot 18 wouldn’t even buy the wine, then it is not even offered at Lot 18.
Their team of experts’ works closely with the winemakers and the food companies to make sure that everything they offer is up to Lot 18 standard requirements. At Lot 18, their standard requirements for the wine and food are very high. The team of experts expects the winemakers and the food companies to only offer Lot 18, the best of both teams.
The products that Lot 18 offers are on a limited time basis, but new products will appear on the website each day. To register for this service is free and all a person has to do is register by having someone send you an invite to join Lot 18. Lot 18 is always telling their clientele to send invites to their family and friends.
You don’t think you know anyone that is a member of Lot 18, then here is a link to use to get to the website.

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