Apr 26 2012
EVS26 Electric Vehicle Symposium Los Angeles 2012

26th International Electric Vehicle Symposium

EVS 26

Sunday, May 6, 2012 through Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LA Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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Los Angeles locals are invited to visit the 26th International Electric Vehicle Symposium at the L.A. Convention Center May 6th – 9th. Visitors will be able to tour more than 100 exhibits on the show floor, participate in a Ride, Drive and Charge event with a wide variety of electric vehicles and learn about electric drive technologies during consumer education sessions.

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May 6th – 9th. The exhibit hall is open to the public Sunday, May 6th

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Electric Drive Transportation Associaton (EDTA) is a trade association representing battery, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell electric drive technologies and infrastructure.

Sponsor: The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA)

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EVS26 Electric Vehicle Symposium

The World Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS) series, organized by the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA), is recognized as the global electric transportation industry’s premier and largest forum, showcasing all forms of technologies in the market place and on the drawing boards — from low speed battery electric vehicles to fuel cell electric buses. The event attracts academic, government and industry leaders from around the world who are interested in exploring and understanding the technical, policy and market challenges to a paradigm shift toward use of electric transportation technologies.


goelectricdrive day

Electric cars meet their public


Interested in saving money on gas?  Want to test drive the latest and greatest electric vehicles?  Already an EV enthusiast who is looking for the coolest technology for your family?


SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, May 6, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Come drive and experience electric cars and other electric vehicles firsthand. To see and drive all of the latest major plug-in hybrid electric, battery electric, fuel cell electric or hybrid electric vehicles there is only one place: the Los Angeles Convention Center. On Sunday May 6, 2012 a series of events and places will open to the general public so that consumers can see the vehicles, learn about charging electric cars or refueling fuel cell versions, and drive them!

More technologies will be exhibited inside the Convention Center and accessible to the public. The general public may purchase entry to the EVS26 exhibit floor and participate in the Ride, Drive & Charge.



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Registration will only be available on-site for the general public.  Fees are $10 for adults and $5 for children (6 -18 years old). Children 5 or younger are free of charge.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult during show hours in the exhibit hall and Ride, Drive and Charge area.

Education opportunities for GoElectricDrive Day will be forthcoming. Please check back frequently for updates!

The general public will also be invited to participate in the Ride, Drive & Charge Monday and Tuesday. Pricing information for the Ride, Drive & Charge will be forthcoming. Please check back for updates!

Delegates are welcome to participate in the GoElectricDrive Day (Public Day) activities.



Please contact Jenny Kamalian at jkamalian@ntpshow.com or call 703-683-8500.


Global Webcast: The Global Campaign for Consumer Electric Vehicle Adoption

Participants: Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor, Co., Bob Lutz, Former Vice Chairman, GM, Simon Marks, President & Chief Correspondent, Feature Story News, Dean Devlin, Screenwriter, Producer, Television Director (Independence Day, Stargate), Scott Cronce, VP Technology, Electronic Arts


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