Oct 31 2009
empowerLA Young Entrepreneur

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Join us at the next empowerLA  Young Entrepreneur event on Tuesday, November 3rd from 7:00- 9:30PM at the Los Angeles Meeting & Event Center in Culver City.

Ample free parking is available at the venue. We’ve got some great things planned for this event. Please arrive between 7 and 7:30pm for check-in some pre-event networking.

Cost is $15 for early bird tickets and $20 after that. We have limited space available for this event, so if you can make it, get your RSVPs in soon!

***Please note – though this is being put on by the Young Entrepreneur group, a group within empowerLA, this event is open to entrepreneurs, new or established, of ALL AGES who can benefit from the information that will be shared.***

Learn how to start that business you have always wanted – in an interactive format! Scott Orsulich, President of START THAT BUSINESS!™, will show you how to take an idea for a new business, start that business and prepare it for launch. Scott will demonstrate ways to save you time, money and avoid unnecessary effort when striving to build a best-in-class business.

New entrepreneurs will learn how to start their dream businesses and prepare them for launch.

Established entrepreneurs will learn how to either restart their entire businesses to bolster sales, or how to start a part of their businesses for the first time.

Presentation topic areas will include the following (with a focus on saving time, money, and unnecessary effort) :
– Start That Business
– Find That Solution
– Plan That Business
– Name That Business
– Setup That Business
– Market That Business
– Identify That Business
– Website That Business
– Video That Business
– Socialize That Business
– Launch That Business

Scott will incorporate information in these topic areas based on his business’ 30 component business startup process. For more information about the START THAT BUSINESS!™ business startup process go to: https://www.startthatbusiness.com/process

Scott will also incorporate your feedback as part of the interactive presentation. An electronic survey will be sent out to all confirmed meeting attendees (those that have paid for their attendance), and Scott will incorporate this feedback as part of his presentation.

Meeting attendees will also have an opportunity to participate in Scott’s new video series called “Interview That Entrepreneur” at the event (Scott interviews real entrepreneurs on issues that are facing them today, while allowing each entrepreneur a chance to promote their business). If you are interested in being interviewed on camera at the event, you will have a chance to indicate your interest on the electronic survey that will be sent out soon. For more information about Interview That Entrepreneur go to:

START THAT BUSINESS!™ is a Los Angeles, CA based entrepreneur startup solution development company that helps entrepreneurs start their dream businesses and prepare them for launch! We advance entrepreneurs’ ideas by creating the concepts, strategies and content for them to build best-in-class businesses. Our affordable custom solutions allow new and established entrepreneurs to focus on their core businesses – from start to launch.

Scott Orsulich, Founder & President of START THAT BUSINESS!™
Scott has extensive experience in entrepreneur / small business startups, marketing, advertising, public relations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Experience Management (CEM), Sales Force Automation (SFA) and the financial services arena.

Scott has worked with entrepreneurs and small business startups, marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies alike, while consistently being recognized for developing best-in-class customer-centric business concepts, strategies and content that positively impact revenues. In his last corporate position Scott was a Vice President of Marketing at Citigroup. While starting his own businesses and preparing them for launch, Scott has been featured on NBC, FOX News and MSNBC.com on a local, regional and national level within the United States.

Scott is a passionate entrepreneur by nature and practices the following each day:

  • An “All Or Nothing” work ethic
  • A commitment to improve customer service for the average consumer
  • A vow to be an entrepreneur that is focused on starting as many successful businesses as possible to benefit the local community and the average consumer
  • A pledge to “Never Give Up” in the face of failure
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