Jun 30 2009
Ellison Bourbon goes to Africa

Our good friend is leaving for Africa in a few days.

Here’s the detail:

Ellison C Bourbon

Depart to Africa: July 6th 2009
Water Baptism: July 2009 …off the coast of Africa by Pastor Ken Foreman – photos to be posted, keep checking back!

God granted me peace Sunday January 18, 2009 and continues to carry me as I grow in Him.   Forgiving the unforgivable may seem impossible for some – but just when you think something is impossible He reveals what He is capable of.  Through forgiveness I’ve learned to love and trust on a higher level and the inner-peace it has brought me is nothing more but a gift through His grace.

Back2Bourbon: March 6th, 2009 – Thanks everyone for your support, you sure made March 6th a memorable night!

Goodness! So much more to say with little space and memory left on this website =)

I have been given so much love and support and I wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to every one of you who has been there for me -especially during this past year.  A year of changes and learning, growing and seeking.  I’ve dealt with the challenges placed before me and through them I became stronger and better.

Many of you, especially my mother were there without fail… old friends and relatives re-emerged and many new ones were made. Stefania – there are no words.. Jer 33:3!

The Elmore family and my friends and colleagues at Foundation Capital were also there for me 100% and all of them went above and beyond in lending me their love and support. Even the new Elmore puppy, Cruz was a huge dose of medication when I needed it most – he sure keeps us on our toes!

In recent months I loved taking new classes and finding out how far I can push myself whether it be through some new insane workout class or just finding out how much more I can fit on my plate… The last few weeks I’ve been learning some Portuguese with my mission group for our trip, also very fun!

From trips to L.A or Vegas to see friends and family (and in some cases The Cure at The Palms, Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz at the MGM)… all those awesome Warrior, Giants and Shark games – OH! and I FINALLY got to see the Red Sox with the Hemmingsens (getting to the game was half the fun)! …. trips to wine country and SF with the girls, dancing into the wee hours of the morning, those long lazy afternoons with my family at the Foley pool, giggle fits with Emma, Kylee and Ashley as well as my recent time spent with the four Salinas girls… and I can’t forget midweek service with JG! I owe all of you a big heartfelt thanks!

While I’m away I will think about many of those great memories (can’t forget about dancing on stage to PINK’s song SO WHAT at TAO in Las Vegas on Valentines Day) but I will also be looking forward to whats ahead of me when I return.  I will continue to grow strong in my faith, take classes at Northern California Bible College, zumba with my cousins, golf lessons start in August and I am also looking forward to seeing Depeche Mode, Chris Isaac and celebrating my birthday in September at the PINK concert with (so far) 21 of you!

I’m also selling my condo in San Carlos- it took a while to get it ready but it’s FINALLY on the market!  Please have a look at the link and pass on the info to any interested parties!


MLS # 80928745

Photo Link: https://www.mlslistings.com/reports/AllImages.aspx?property_id=918795

All for now!
God Bless and Take Care!

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