Aug 16 2012
Eight Misconceptions about Frequent Flier Miles

Sign up to these airlines and make the most out of what you can get for free. If you have a keen eye for offers and promotions, then you could find yourself earning thousands of miles without even flying.

People tend to have different opinions on frequent flyer miles and what advantaged they could possibly have. Even those who don’t travel very often can benefit from signing up to the programmes. Frequent flyer programmes are loyalty programmes that are offered with many different airlines. Miles can be accumulated based on the number of miles and trips you take. The form of payment your use and how you pay is considered and rewarded by some airlines as well. These miles can be redeemed for free travel, for flight upgrades, or for other services like priority bookings or access to the airport lounges.

So, even if you don’t travel very often it could be worth your while to sign up for a seat upgrade at least. Let’s have a look at a few of these misconceptions and why signing up will save anyone money.

A lot of people will assume that because they don’t travel much, there is no point. The name does suggest that you need to travel frequently, but is misleading in this way. The programmes are free to sign up to so there is no reason not to try it and see what you can get; even if you only fly once every couple of years.

Is it a lot of hassle to keep track of your miles if you sign up to them all? No at all; there are sites out there that want to help you! The possibilities are endless when it comes to the World Wide Web and in this instance can assist. Once you have entered information on the programmes you belong to; this site will keep track of your miles for you.

Back to the name again and the fact that it is often assumed that you cannot accumulate miles if you don’t travel frequently. This isn’t true, everyone can benefit. It just so happened that the best way to build up miles is by credit card sign-ups. This one is not for everyone as takes a bit of managing, but if you have the patience, then you can earn lots of points by signing up to certain cards. Don’t get yourself into unnecessary debt though…

Eclipse Leisure offer UK stag weekends and hen weekends which can be affordable to everyone and there are a few even better tricks to know how. Signing up to clubs or subscriptions can reward you with miles as well. Netflix, for example, offer 1500 miles, when you sign up as a paying member, for American Airlines.

You can earn more miles again when you make purchases online with certain retailers. It is just a chase of a little bit of research, which really won’t take long, and you can be totting up loads of miles without even going anywhere.

Keep an eye out for offers when you are looking for the car hire to go with your trip as well. Car hire companies sometimes offer the rewards you are looking for if you sign up to hear offers and promotions from their company. A great thing to do in this instance is to have a separate email account for the ‘junk mail’ that these bring! You will need to check them out every now and again though in case you have to do something to redeem the miles. Opening a new email account is only an idea and takes seconds to do.

You can even buy miles from participating airlines! This can be worthwhile if you are just a couple of hundred miles short of a trip. A few quid on an extra thousand miles can be a fantastic investment for a ticket or upgrade.

Finally, for those less frequent flyers, the expiration dates can be an issue at times although some don’t expire at all. Some airlines will start your expiration period again if you make a little purchase from one of their sites.

Accumulating flyer miles is easy and very much worth it. It doesn’t have to take much effort and you can get yourself some nice freebies or upgrades for absolutely nothing regardless of how often you fly.

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