Nov 25 2011
Ecology Auto Parts – Drivers Disregard for Road Safety

I was very disturbed about what happened to me on the freeway this morning and I need to file a formal complaint.

This morning on the 5 FWY North in the Burbank area between Magnolia and Burbank Blvd one of your trucks with trailer license starting with 4AB came up behind my car within 1-2 ft and then swerved into the second lane and then cut in front of me 1-2 ft. This occurred around the 10am time.

I want confirmation that this sort of driving is not tolerated by any employee of Ecology. And that your company is on notice that if this ever happens again I will call the Highway Patrol and file a complaint.

I expect a response to this incident.

In the past I have seen your trucks drop large objects from trailers and have been the victim of other fallen objects dropped on our highways. This disregard for driver safety will not be tolerated. You are now on notice.



Here’s just one example of what Ecology is doing:

Corporate America out to screw you! I had one of their trucks drop a metal part on the freeway through the front windshield of my Mercedes. Broke the windshield and I got their number off of the truck!.
They said that “even though” I gave the exact time and location, they could not pinpoint a truck at that location and time????  They keep no records of routes or ledgers???? They will not pay me!!!!
Frickin crooks!!!  BOYCOTT such a disshonest company.


Here’s some info from the company website:

Operators Standing by 7 days a week


We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and mean it when we say “Customers are #1.” If you have a suggestion that you think would make Ecology a better place to shop, please email us at Whether you have a complaint or a compliment we love to hear from our customers.  Please be very specific and include information like location, department, employees names, date, etc. Our customer’s opinions are very important to us and are included during employee evaluations.  So please include as much information as you can regarding your experience at Ecology Auto Parts. Thank you for choosing Ecology Auto Parts.

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