May 15 2012
Earth Satellite Photos at 121 megapixels

Satellite took photos at massive 121 megapixels, along with time-lapse video

yesterday2221 via YouTube

A timelapse of Planet Earth from the Elektro-L satellite. The geostationary satellite orbits 40000km above the Earth. It creates a 121 megapixel image every 30 minutes with four visible and infrared light wavelengths. The infrared light is displayed as orange to be visible.

NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTO: This is the highest resolution image of Earth ever taken. The single shot was captured by Russian weather satellite, Electro-L.

The 121 megapixel photo was taken as Electro-L orbited 22,369 miles above the equator, according to Gizmodo.

(Image Credit: Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring)

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