Sep 5 2010
Electronic Cigarettes – E-Cigarettes – Are they Safe?

As some are starting to stir up controversy about the safety of electronic cigarettes, one thing we know for sure, is that regular cigarettes can be harmful to your health!

So as the lobbyist and special interest groups from the tobacco companies start campaigns to hurt alternatives to regular light em up cigarettes, you can judge for yourself. Try them out.

To quote Galen Kipe in an Associated Press story “It can’t be any worse than actual cigarettes”.

What’s next? regulation? Controversy?

About 46 million Americans smoke, 40% try to stop each year, trying nicotine patches and even cold turkey, according to the centers for disease control and prevention.

The FDA has halted shipments at ports nationwide.

A US federal judge ruled that the FDA can’t stop those shipments.

Users and distributors say e-cigarettes address both the nicotine addiction and the behavioral aspects of smoking, the hold of the cigarette, the puffing, seeing the some come out and the hand motion.

Without the more than 4,000 chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

There’s another quote and this should sum it up pretty well.

When you’re talking about a product that’s essentially Russian roulette and the alternative is much, much better you can imagine they’re pretty happy. ” said Jason Healy, the president of Charlotte, NC., electronic cigarette maker Blu Cigs, “Up Until e-cigs, there was quit or die”.

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