Nov 22 2011
Dr. Burzynski Movie (FULL VERSION) – Cure for Cancer

Share this video with the world to show what sort of world we live in, where money comes first Groundbreaking, non-surgical, non or low-toxic cancer treatment regimens, some available within clinical trials.
Customized nutritional programs to ensure balanced diet complementing the treatment
Excellent medical care centered around the patients and their families, in a friendly and supportive environment.
Medical expertise based on over 40 years of clinical experience and research in developing cancer treatments.
Personalized treatment regimens for every patient
Over 50 different types of malignancies are treated with cutting-edge technology and FDA approved gene-targeted medicines

Dr. Julian Whitaker MD – Whitaker Wellness Institute
Dr. Brice Cohen – confirmed the treatment.

Peptides – exist in healthy people their blood and urine. He discovered it in is

Premarin – extract of horse urine?

Staford, TX, – started in 1970 – new approach
gene targeted therapy, work on the genes
Oncogenes are what allow cancer to grow.
1 of 10,000 cells can become cancerous, we have protective systems that stop, and turn on genes to
the second immune system
Houston, Texas
CALL: (800) 714-7181
International Calls +1 (713) 335-5697
Burzynski Clinic
Burzynski Clinic
9432 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77055
Phone: (713) 335-5697
Toll-Free: 1 (800) 714-7181
Fax: (713) 935-0649
Treatment with antineoplastons can be very costly to patients without insurance coverage, exceeding $100,000 for the first year of intravenous treatment. Many insurance companies consider antineoplaston therapy to be investigational and unproven and do not cover the cost.

Texas Board of Medical Examiners – What a corrupt organization trying to stop Dr. Burzynski from treating patients who have cancer. This is nonsense!
Then tried to raise to a higher court. What a bunch of beuaracrats.
To the Texas court.
The FDA was behind trying to revoke the license of Dr. Burzynski! Why?
Even trying to place him in prison!
Pharma would not be needed!
Dr. Burzynski – they had not ruled it out, that one person could have the cure.
Dr. Rick Jaffe – attorney for Dr. Burzynski

6 Grand Juries – The FDA is evil and corrupt! The FDA slandering Dr. Burzynski!
How much $$$ money did the FDA spend to go after Dr. Burzynski.
Dr. Joe Barton, intervened in the never ending FDA harassment.

FDA allows
Jodi Fenton – survivor of brian cancer/tumor, grade III
was offered by her doctors to be treated with Temador

Jessica Ressel – Brainstrem Glioma , brain cancer survivor

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