Apr 6 2012
Does the automobile industry have something to contribute to uninterrupted internet connection?

Just 25 years ago, the internet was an obscure little computer network used by only a handful of government and academic researchers. Most computers were located in labs or corporate information technology departments and most people at that time would have laughed at the thought of owning their very own personal computer.

Today, however, many people plug into the internet to receive news and messages, be entertained and communicate back and forth with friends and family members all over the world. The internet has given birth to many new industries, transformed older ones and is used by people across the globe. In some ways, we owe our uninterrupted internet connection to the automobile industry.

Automobiles and the Internet

The internet industry and the automobile industry might seem to have very little in common on the surface, but automobiles are currently one of the fastest-growing areas for internet-connected devices. The internet providers in my area and others are doing their best to make our cars the biggest and best mobile devices we’ve got. In order to be the ultimate mobile device, our internet connection must be spot on, reliable and consistent.

The growth of internet usage in car electronics and applications means that the internet providing companies are spending more time and money researching and implementing new internet technology. With the promise of uninterrupted connectivity in vehicles via Wi-Fi hotspots and Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, providers are focusing on improving digital signals and wireless capabilities. The ‘connected car’ should lead to an even better connection in our homes.

New, high-tech cars are including built-in PC computers. Designed as part of the rear entertainment system, these flat panel screens sit inside the headrests and double as removable tablet PCs. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible, these PCs are designed to achieve internet access on wireless networks and you can also use these networks to achieve uninterrupted internet connection in your residence.

Microsoft is currently working on a device known as the T-Box, which connects to your engine sensors through the serial bus to download diagnostic data. The T-Box uses wireless networks to both send and receive information. Once again, this means that both internet and automobile companies will be pushing for more wireless networks, which you can always take advantage of with your internet connection at home.

‘The Last Wire’

Companies in the car electronics industry have been working hard to get rid of ‘the last wire’, or the electrical cord that must be plugged into a power outlet. One option still in the testing stages is a contact-free charging pad that delivers electrical power via magnetic induction pulsed through the airwaves. As this technology advances to include more electronics, you’ll be able to surf the internet on your wireless laptop, notebook or tablet without interruption.

Companies are investing millions of dollars to help accelerate the innovation and adoption of new internet technology and services. As they work to bring the ultimate level of personal computers and wireless networks into our cars, residential internet users should also benefit from the new technology. The internet providers in my area are working to offer uninterrupted connection at both the home and on the road. There’s nothing like a constant flow of social networking and email messages to make consumers happy and the world a much smaller place.

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