Aug 2 2012
DirecTV Horrible Customer Service Review @directv

So I call DirecTV and they tell me they will send me a replacement receiver which I should have received yesterday.. it arrived today. I hook it up and call to activate it… and they tell me the system they use to activate is down… every wednesday night for 6 hours the system is down and they can’t access customer records… ARE YOU KIDDING ME! How about I am not paying for no service and crappy customer support! My impression of DirecTV has deteriorated in my past dealings… this could be the final straw…

Oh, and the 6 hours they are down is a regular weekly event… What kind of system does DirecTV run where they cannot service their customers for six hours… they might as well not even answer the phone… because talking to someone is pretty much useless.

So now that I spent nearly an hour on the phone with a representative our receiver is now working… but I have to tell you after being on Over The Air Digital for over a week, DirecTV video is substandard at best.
OTA Digital blows the DirecTV quality away.

It is amazing that DirecTV think they have such a superior service.

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