Mar 26 2010
cure your pets arthritis naturally with pet bounce

If you’ve ever suffered from arthritis or are currently suffering from this condition now, then you’ll know how much pain is involved on a daily basis. If you’re also an owner of a dog or cat then are you aware that arthritis is a common condition in both of these animals?

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In humans the symptoms of arthritis can range from moderate to intense pain, with the person feeling this sensation at certain points in the day. The joints may stiffen and become difficult to move, there is also swelling of the tissue surrounding the affected areas. A pet with arthritis will show very similar symptoms, but will obviously not be able to communicate their discomfort directly to you. As pet owners we tend to have a close relationship with our animals and it should be quite easy to notice a change in their behavior.

A few of the signs that your pet has arthritis are; lying still more often, not jumping at the chance to go for a walk, lack of appetite, licking the affected areas and limping. If your cat or dog has any of the symptoms mentioned above then you should consider taking them to a vet and getting the problem diagnosed.  

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So how do you treat arthritis in pets? There are a few prescription medications such as pain killers to reduce the discomfort and medicine to aid in cartilage repair. Unfortunately these have several negative side affects that can be quite traumatic for your animal.

Another option is homeopathic treatments, these are specially formulated medications that are completely natural, but work just as effectively as the chemical products. One brand that has been used with success is pet bounce; there’s no more need to force tablets down your animals throat, a few drops of this liquid in your cat or dogs dinner and their good to go. Pet bounce has been known to effectively relieve stiffness and joint pain allowing your pet the freedom to run and jump like they used to. If you’re a little skeptical about using homeopathic treatments, this company offers a free trial before you buy option, for more information on this product go to   

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