Jul 19 2012
Cover The Things That Matter With AHS

Buying a house is probably the most expensive commitment we’re are ever likely to enter into during out lifetimes and it is something we shouldn’t enter into lightly. Other than the practicalities of needing somewhere to sleep, eat and ‘exist’, simple houses can be made into individual homes by injecting a bit of our personality, tastes and style into them and filling them with iems that mean something to us. Even our white goods say something about us and are often expensive additions, rather than mere functional appliances. White goods are far from being static ornaments and like everything else that has moving parts and serves a purpose, they won’t lasts forever and we need to ensure that they are well looked after and well maintained.

AHS (American Home Shield) offers home warranties that cover the repair or replacement of a huge variety of our system components and appliances and now they are offering free quotes on anything you want covering.

Yes, it’s practical as opposed to being flashy, but it is a necessity and regardless of how dynamic the service, you naturally want the best.

AHS offers its customers:

New expanded coverage plans

Nearly forty years at the top of their field as an industry leader

The peace of mind that AHS have already provided cover for over one million homeowners

More comprehensive coverage with fewer exclusions and limitations


If you are looking for quality, dependability and a tried and tested pedigree, as well as a company that makes practicality it’s core business directive, pay AHS a visit

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