Feb 20 2015
Chinese Herbal Medicine Workshop “Show And Tell” with Jad Dawson

Sat, February 21, 1pm – 3pm
We will discuss Herbal Medicine and how formulas are created based on the holistic presentation of the patient symptom constellation. I’ll tie in and unpack concepts like “epigenetics” and “the entourage effect” and how the combination of unprocessed whole herbs creates a synergestic therapeutic effect which is greater than each individual herbs. Jad will bring in “Show & Tell” all the different varieties of raw, prepared, and refined herbs and explain their significance in treating symptoms and their differences. All the while demonstrating how to prepared raw herbs and cook then in a Tang for everyone to sample. See details: https://order.arroyofoodcoop.com/blogs/events-afc/18853687-chinese-herbal-medicine-workshop-show-and-tell-with-jad-dawson

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