Nov 22 2011
Charlie Kelley colon cancer & The Blue Note Fund

Colon Cancer Alliance

Dear Victor,

CharlieAt just 40 years old, Grammy-nominated country artist Charlie Kelley was diagnosed with colon cancer. Only seven months prior, Charlie’s wife, Nan, was diagnosed with a different cancer. With medical bills continuing to roll in, Charlie and Nan considered themselves very lucky that they could get by. All he could think of was how many families simply may be unable to meet the extraordinary financial demands that a cancer diagnosis can create.

Charlie’s experience became the inspiration for the Blue Note Fund, an important fund dedicated to helping patients and their families pay the rent, utilities, or even put food on the table.

“I am so proud to partner with the Colon Cancer Alliance on the establishment of the Blue Note Fund in order to help make sure that your lights stay on, your phone stays connected and you keep your home. That’s what the Blue Note Fund is about, helping to take care of your bills, so you can take care of yourself,” said Charlie, Fund co-creator and a Colon Cancer Alliance Board Member.

Please learn more about the Blue Note Fund and get involved today.

The high costs of cancer treatment combined with a loss of income can lead to financial hardship but you can help. Consider making a donation today to help provide hope in a new way to patients and their families.


Andrew Spiegel
CEO, Colon Cancer Alliance


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