Dec 1 2016
Chaparral Mountain Honey Company Altadena

Chaparral Mountain Honey Company is a family-owned company located in the foothills of Altadena with over 35 years of beekeeping experience.

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Our most common honey varieties include:
Orange honey, gathered from orange trees in California’s Central Valley.
Sage honey, gathered from black & white sage flowers growing in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains; sage honey is a unique California product.
Buckwheat honey from buckwheat flowers growing in the foothills of Glendale and Eagle Rock.
Premium honey, harvested in the fall; it contains nectars from eucalyptus, sage, mustard, buckwheat, sumac, jacaranda, and many other flowers.
Altadena Gold wildflower, a summer harvest honey, gathered from native chaparral plants such as sage, sumac, toyon, buckwheat, and some garden flowers.
Angel’s Kiss honey, gathered at 3300 ft, and includes nectar from Yerba Santa and other higher elevation wildflowers; it has a tangy flavor.
Almond honey, collected during pollination in February from trees in the Central Valley. This honey has a nice balanced flavor, but some people get a bitter aftertaste, so be sure to taste before you buy.
Avocado honey, from nectar gathered during avocado pollination in Temecula. The unusual strong taste is reminiscent of molasses and the honey is good used in gingerbread and spice cake.
Jacaranda honey, from the lovely purple-flowered trees that bloom in May-June. The honey is dark with a slightly caramelized taste.

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