Sep 8 2012
Cash Central – A Little Helping Hand In Case You’re Struggling To Make It Until Payday

Costs are spiraling, the economy is in free-fall and at the same time the bills remain the same, (or in most cases they have actually gone up!) It doesn’t take a mathematics genius to work out what that means…..more pressure on Joe Public and a greater struggle to meet your responsibilities, regardless of how hard you try and how honourable your intentions are.

Just when you thought that the world was against you and that there was no hope in sight, I’m happy to tell you that the problem HAS been recognised and there ARE ways to help you through your short-term financial difficulties.

Cash Central  have firmly cemented themselves as a company that can be respected, trusted and depended on to make a real difference. Rather than offering long-term loans for large sums of money that you might struggle to pay back and would merely serve to compound your problems, they offer short-term ‘Payday Loans’ that are designed purely to tide you over until the next pay day when you simply can’t quite stretch the finances out for another week or two.

Cash Central take the payday loan experience seriously and guarantee the following:


Outstanding Personal Service. Friendly, Knowledgeable and Ready to help – because every situation and every customer is unique.

Simple Process for Quick Money. Apply, and in a few clicks have your loan fund within 24 hours.

Secure, Reliable, State Licensed. Safely apply and know you’re protected by state and federal law.

Quick Help for Life’s Emergencies. When the unexpected happens, get help when you need it the most.

Confidential 24/7 Online Convenience. Day or Night, you can easily apply in the privacy of your own home.

Quick Loan Approval. Apply anytime and know generally within seconds if you’re approved.


Best of all, they are even offering 10% off loan fees with discount code CJ10SEP12 for the entire month of September (expiring on September 30, 2012) making a great proposal, even more attractive!

Don’t be ashamed of your situation and go for the head in the sand approach, (trust me… won’t work). What will work is a Payday Loan from Cash Central…..can you really afford not to have a look?

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