Mar 21 2011
Can’t Quit Smoking? With Electronic Cigarette, You Don’t Have To!

Over the years, you’ve been wanting to quit smoking for good but no matter what you do, your human weakness leads you to another pack of cigarettes. Well, if you can’t quit smoking, you don’t have to!

Okay so you’re afraid of the possible ailments derived from smoking cigarettes, we get it. But did you know that there’s this thing called “electronic cigarette”? With the technological advancements happening around us perhaps it’s about time that you switch to electronic cigarettes.

We especially love the electronic cigarette Cigarti because it does not only look real but also tastes and feels like the real deal without the possible health hazards you can get from tobacco. You get all the satisfaction you need from smoking real tobacco without worrying about lung cancer, emphysema, and other lung diseases caused by smoking.

Why Switch to Cigarti?:

  • No Tar/Nicotine that is harmful to human health
  • No bad breath after smoking
  • No risk of second hand smoking
  • Smoke everywhere even inside your home and office
  • No Carbon Monoxide that can harm the environment
  • No stained teeth and fingernails
  • No more smelly hands after smoking
  • 50%-80% less expensive than regular tobacco
  • Rechargeable and reusable electronic Cigarti cigarettes
  • Customize your Cigarti flavor and strength

Still thinking about quitting the smoking brotherhood? Now you don’t have to struggle with yourself. Start enjoying life with electronic cigarettes! I know I did the switch and oh man, all I can say is “This is the life!” Your spouse doesn’t complain and she loves you more for switching to Cigarti.

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