Mar 26 2013
Cal Wine Cellars – New Site Offers Special Offers to California Wines @calcellars

Discover and Savor the California Wine Experience. Members enjoy the latest & greatest wine deals & promotions from the best wineries & wine bars.

Cal Wine Cellars is about connecting wine enthusiasts with outstanding California Wine experiences!
Members sign up to receive promotional emails that contain an exclusive offer from a California winery that will entice them to explore someplace new.

It could be a deal for a bottle of wine, a tasting room experience, or maybe an upcoming special event.

Apparently there is no cost to the business, just that the deal is a good deal. If you run an offer it is active for 2 weeks and is the only offer sent out in the single email sent to 100,000 California targeted wine lovers. Once a purchase is made, there is a split with the business and CalWineCellars. We will see how this model works out specifically targeted at California Wines, it could do well as there are hundreds of wineries and tasting rooms in California.

Signup and see what you think about their first offer which should be available in April.

FTC - Site employs income earning affiliate linking

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