Sep 1 2010
CA Internet Tax Hearing Scheduled for 9/1!

URGENT! Tomorrow the California Senate will vote on an internet retail tax which appeared in the Assembly’s final budget proposal as AB 1625 (Section 1). If this does not pass the vote, it will die for this year. However, if it passes, it could be disastrous for CA affiliates. We are urging you to contact your Senator in the California Legislature immediately to oppose the affiliate nexus tax.

In order to pass, AB 1625 needs a 2/3 majority vote. Its chances of passage are unclear; consequently, your efforts in opposition will be highly effective.

Last year the Governor vetoed a similar measure, and we are told that the Governor has not altered his position on this new tax; however, despite this, we are concerned about last minute political compromises. For more information, please read the details and join the group from this location on the Performance Marketing Association’s website.


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