Mar 7 2013
Boxbee: Effortlessly Store Your Stuff

Boxbee: Effortlessly Store Your Stuff

What a great idea!

We make storage effortless for people living in cities. Decidedly unlike traditional self-storage.

Box it up & we’ll do the rest.

Whether you’re moving, traveling or just need a little extra breathing room in your nest, our secure storage hive can handle all of your storage needs from boxes to box springs.

Take the sting out of storage in three easy steps:

1. ORDER BOXES: If you need any, we’ll deliver a swarm to your doorstep within the hour.

2. PACK UP: Comb through your things and tape the tops down.

3. SCHEDULE A PICKUP: Leave the heavy lifting to us. Once you’re ready, our worker bees will buzz on over and pickup your prized possessions.

Best of all? Pay only for the space you use with per box pricing. Sweet as honey.

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Phone: (415) 671-7353


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