Feb 25 2021
Bloomberg Crypto Summit 2021
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Starts 2 min before the session time

10:00 am – Opening Remarks

  • Mike McGlone, Senior Analyst, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies, Bloomberg Intelligence

10:05 am – Taking the Temperature: In Conversation With Glenn Hutchins

We’ll sit down with the Silver Lake co-founder to get his take on the state and future of digital assets, and what he sees around the corner in 2021.

  • Glenn Hutchins, Chairman, North Island and North Island Ventures & Co-Founder, Silver Lake
  • Interviewed by: Erik Schatzker, Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg

10:25 am – The Digital Hedge: Situating Cryptocurrencies in the Macro Environment

Institutional investors have been expected to buy into crypto for years, and it looks like the institutional demand for Bitcoin has finally surged this year amid the coronavirus crisis. What hurdles need to be removed and what infrastructure needs to be put in place for mainstream investors to embrace cryptocurrencies in a significant way? Is crypto its own asset class? Our panel of experts will also assess the geopolitical uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrency adoption, and also discuss what the impact of the Covid-19 crisis is on cryptocurrencies.

  • Michael Sonnenshein, CEO, Grayscale Investments
  • Catherine D. Wood, CEO & Chief Investment Officer, ARK Investment Management LLC
  • Moderated by: Mike McGlone, Senior Analyst, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies, Bloomberg Intelligence

10:55 am – Prime Brokerage and the Rise of Institutional Validation

What is a prime brokerage in the crypto ecosystem and why is it on the rise now?  What services could crypto prime brokerages provide in comparison to the traditional prime brokerage in banking? Will this service attract more institutional investors into crypto, and how could they benefit from Crypto prime brokers?

  • Mike Belshe, Co-Founder & CEO, BitGo
  • Michael Moro, CEO, Genesis
  • Moderated by: Olga Kharif, Reporter, Bloomberg News

11: 25 am – In Conversation with Michael Saylor, Chairman & CEO at MicroStrategy

The head of one of the most important firms in crypto talks with Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal about his views on where the market is headed and what investors need to know now.

  • Michael Saylor, Chairman & CEO, MicroStrategy, Inc.
  • Interviewed by:  Joe Weisenthal, Executive Editor, News, Bloomberg Digital, Anchor, Bloomberg Television

11: 45 am – Break

11:55 am – Central Bank Digital Currencies: Futuristic or Real?

Our panel of experts will assess and evaluate global governments’ plans for digitizing their currencies, and how investors view CBDC’s in comparison to bitcoin and stablecoins. Will the Covid-19 pandemic and the world-wide move to a cashless society further accelerate central banks’ efforts in creating CBDCs and moving them towards the mainstream? What benefits could CBDCs bring to the markets from an investors point of view, and are there any technological barriers left to overcome? Could Chinese cryptocurrencies potentially shift the global balance of economic influence challenging America’s historic market dominance and dollar? Will the digital yuan gain worldwide market trust?

  • Cuy Sheffield, Head of Crypto, Visa
  • Sheila Warren, Head of Data, Blockchain, and Digital Assets, and a Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum
  • Moderated by: Vildana Hajric, Reporter, Cross-Asset Team, Bloomberg News

 12:25 pm – Update on the Regulatory Landscape

Cryptocurrencies were invented just over 10 years ago but the legal status of this asset still remains unclear, and varied jurisdictions give cryptocurrencies different definitions. This panel will clarify the current cryptocurrency regulatory framework, and what could the industry expect from the regulators in the nearest future. If Facebook’s proposed Libra project will be launched next year will it pass regulatory scrutiny? What will happen to stablecoins if tougher regulations are imposed on KYC and money laundering? The OCC is giving the green light to banks to custody cryptocurrency but will the financial establishment be tempted to get involved? Will it change the sector?

  • Lewis Cohen, Co-Founder, DLx Law
  • Colleen Sullivan, Co-Founder & CEO, CMT Digital Holdings LLC
  • Peter Van Valkenburgh, Research Director, Coin Center
  • Moderated by: Ben Elliott, Washington Policy and Equity Research Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence

12:55 pm – The Value of Bitcoin         

Fiat currencies’ increased volatility and value decline has fuelled bitcoin’s value this year to record level. This has been driven by investors who are trying to avoid exposure to the current economic environment, central banks‘ stimulus and low interest rates. Is Bitcoin as an asset class is the new gold? This panel will seek to explain who the buyers of Bitcoin’s are this year and how to value such a volatile asset

  • Nic Carter, General Partner, Castle Island Ventures and Co-Founder, Coin Metrics
  • Joey Krug, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Pantera Capital
  • Caitlin Long, Founder & CEO, Avanti Bank & Trust
  • Moderated by: Katherine Greifeld, Markets & ETFs Reporter, Bloomberg News

1:25 pm – Closing Remarks

  • Katherine Greifeld, Markets & ETFs Reporter, Bloomberg News

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