Nov 25 2011
Black Friday: 100 Stickers Start at $12 @stickerjunkie

Hey StickerJunkies!!

Welcome to the Holidays!  Wake up, get that quad shot & enter the shopping mecca that is Black Friday.  I know, I know…you’re finding yourself saying “Whatcha got for me baby?”, we’ve outdone ourselves…$13 OFF ALL orders for the next 3 days ONLY.  This is the only time of the year we offer such a big discount.

Nothing says “I love you” like custom stickers, best gift under the tree, boyfriend have a band?  Wife’s got a hair salon?  Everyone loves having stickers for their business…OR best gift for youself!!

Generator Stickers = 100 Start at $25 this means with our Black Friday Promo 100 Stickers Start at $12…are you frickin’ kidding me, that’s almost free, you’d better come quick before all that Thanksgiving turkey tryptophan wears off and the monKey comes to his senses (add color or graphics, change tagline or add quantity for a little more).

Upload Stickers = 100 Start at $45 this means with the Black Friday promo 100 of your Uploaded Artwork Stickers Start at just $32 (increase size * 3″ x 3″ is our recommended size *, or add quantity for a little more & just a tip, the per sticker price drops dramatically as you add quantity).

Head over to today!!
Use the Promo Code:  THANKS
As always, we LOVE seeing your stickers in action, so be sure to post up a pic of your stickers on our StickerJunkie facebook.
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