Jul 31 2014
BJ’s Beer Dinners Goose Island Tasting @bjsrestaurants
Goose Island Beer Co.
beer tasting
& dinner
Enjoy a four-course dinner paired with
a selection of Goose Island beers!
Goose Island Beer Co.
Monday, August 18, 2014 @7pm  Burbank BJ’s

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 @7pm  Pasadena BJ’s

Since 1988, Goose Island has consistently brewed Chicago’s finest handcrafted ales. Goose Island’s brewers produce an unmatched variety of classic ales and specialty brews, now available nationwide. We invite you to sample a selection of some of their best beers paired with delicious BJ’s food.
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Burbank BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse,
107 South 1st Street, Burbank, CA, MAP
    $30     PER PERSON
Tax and gratuity not included.
    $35     PER PERSON
Tax and gratuity not included.
Featuring, but not limited to:
Featured Beers
For more information, call your local restaurant or visit www.bjsrestaurants.com/beerdinners.
†For reservations made prior to day of dinner: $18 for food and $12 for beer, totaling $30 per person.
$35 per person thereafter: $23 for food and $12 for beer, totaling $35 per person.
Sorry, Beer Dinners are not eligible for BJ’s Premier Rewards points.

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