Aug 24 2012
Best Contact Lens Travel Suggestions for beginners

Traveling out of town or abroad requires a great deal of preparation. From booking the flights to figuring out the accommodation, there is a lot you have to get through. In the midst of all that commotion, one looks to find the maximum convenience possible. One of the areas where people usually look to avoid hassle is when choosing between their contact lenses and eyeglasses. Taking care of their contact-lenses is a big responsibility which is why most people prefer to take their spectacles instead. Even people who normally wear contact lenses don’t take them so that they don’t have to look after them.


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English: Ayala carefully prepares to put a contact lens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No longer do you have to leave your contact lenses at home when you are traveling. If you have gotten your lenses recently and are looking at traveling in the near future, there are some great contact lens travel suggestions for you to follow.

Remove Your Lenses Pre-Flight

You have to remove your contact lenses before you board the plane. Unless your eyesight is very weak, you won’t need glasses on the plane but it is handy to keep a pair of eyeglasses just in case. The reason why you cannot wear your lenses on the flight is because the air inside the aircraft is dry. As a result, the lenses also get dry and you will be very uncomfortable if you keep them on. The problem will only grow worse if you plan to take a nap on the plane. If you want to read or watch a movie, then your spectacles should be fine. However, no contact lenses on the plane. Keep them in their case.

Buy Travel-Sized Contact Lens Solutions

The airlines’ are very strict regarding the policy of carrying liquids on the plane. This is another reason why you should leave your contact lenses in the luggage. The way to get around this is buying travel-sized contact lens solutions. They fall under the limit and you can take them with you. The authorities can only confiscate liquid containers that are beyond the prescribed limit which is not the case with travel-sized eye care products. Though it is possible to buy the things you need upon reaching your destination but you should be prepared in case you don’t find the brand you are looking for.

Put the Solutions in Your Carry-on Luggage

What if your luggage gets lost? Lost luggage is a major problem facing air travelers across the world. You can get stuck at your destination without your luggage only to discover you are going to receive after a week. If you put your contact lens-solutions in the luggage, then it means you will have to do without that for the time being. You would have to wear your eyeglasses till the time you get your luggage back. This is why it is a good idea to put your contact lens solution and any other products you might use to clean or use them in your carry-on luggage so that you have them on you when you reach your destination.

Buy an Extra Pair of Contact Lenses

To avoid going through the hassle of lost contact lenses, it makes sense to buy an extra pair. When you get your new contact lenses, tell the optician to give you an extra pair in case you need to use them. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t put both pairs of contact lenses in the same bag or place. In that case, if you lose one, you lose them both. As a precaution, keep one pair with you on the flight and one in your baggage.

Bring Your Prescription with You

This is a requirement only if you are traveling abroad. In case you lose your lenses and your glasses and need to get new ones, you would have to show the prescription to get new ones. Traveling within the country doesn’t require you to carry prescriptions as you can refer to the optician via phone or email.

These are some of the best contact lens travel suggestions for beginners. To prevent further eye problems and deterioration of vision, the GetLenses website sells Focus Dailies Toric for you. Take care of your contact lenses on your trips to avoid putting pressure on your eyes or having to wear eyeglasses.

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