Sep 30 2009
Barclay’s Wine Experience

Barclay’s Wine Experience – 12 bottles for $69.95 Bonus Electric Corkscrew

Taste wine like you never have before! Join the Barclay’s Wine Club and receive a free electric corkscrew.

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Experience 12 great wines from around the world for $5.83* per bottle and receive a FREE Electric Corkscrew valued at $39.95!

Dear Wine Enthusiast,

There is nothing quite like the Barclay’s Wine Experience – simply a great opportunity to receive amazing wines from around the world delivered directly to your door. It is easy to get started – just select your favorite option (red, white or mixed) and we will ship your first case at $5.83* per bottle!

The initial selection will knock your socks off. World class Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Bordeaux and much more. The shipment includes detailed tasting notes on each wine and if you want to learn more, your personal Barclay’s Wine consultant is always at the ready.

Membership in Barclay’s Wine Experience is not an obligation. You decide what you get, when you get it and if you want to continue to receive it. You can skip a shipment whenever you want and there is no cost or penalty to cancel at any time. And our guarantee is that you will never pay for a wine you don’t like. No excuses. No issues. No problem.

Be prepared to sit back and enjoy the superb wines that the Barclay’s team has traveled the world to bring to you – marvelous values that you won’t find at the local wine store. When you try Barclay’s Wine Experience you will understand why we say that a sip is worth a thousand words.

So, enough talk already, it’s time to Experience.

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In Vino Veritas.

The Barclay’s Wine Team

*Delivery charge is $19.95 per case

To contact us by mail, send correspondence to:

Attn: Customer Service, Barclay’s Wine Group 1191 E. Iron Eagle Dr Suite 100 Eagle, ID 83616

Allow 30 days for removal from email list. You must be 21 years of age or older to order

Barclay’s Wine Experience

2006 Sauv White Sauvignon Blanc

The versatile sauvignon grape reaches peak flavors in cool climates where a long ripening period is possible. Such is the case with the ’06 Sauv White, which is from the Leyda Valley in central Chile. With the Andes to the east for protection, and the coastal range to the west, the Leyda Valley is able to capture cool ocean breezes and moisture coming off the cold Pacific. This sauvignon blanc has aromas of fresh cut grass, kumquats, and creamy citrus notes. The citrus flavors continue on the palate leading to exotic tropical fruits and a hint of tarragon. With its lucious fruit flavors, this wine would pair nicely with cheese and fruit, or rich whitefish, such as mahi-mahi or monkfish, with mango or pineapple salsa.

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2008 Willow Crest Pinot Gris

This aromatic, Alsatian-style wine exhibits beautiful full fruit aromas of ripe pear, honeydew melon, and peach followed by floral notes and a wonderful minerality. On the palate this wine is round and full with lush apricot flavors that are balanced nicely by the minerality and a touch of citrusy freshness. This wine is perfectly fine served chilled on a warm afternoon. You can also try pairing with foie grois topped with pear sauce, or a sweet and spicy Thai dish like coconut green curry with prawn.

2007 Chateau Carolena Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is a spectacular example of the versatility of this magical grape. On the nose, there are aromas of ripe pear, lemon, lily, and vanilla, but this is infused with a smoky earthiness that is unexpected and wonderful. On the palate this wine has a mellow viscosity but it is not overly oaked or buttery. It finishes with nice balance and acidity, making it the perfect complement to a variety of foods such as fresh fig with cheeses, caesar salad with grilled chicken, and seafood pasta with cream sauce and lemon.

2006 Randall Harris Merlot

This merlot is from the Columbia Valley in Washington State, where long warm days and brisk, cool nights produce wines of great balance and acidity. This is a versatile, easy-drinking merlot with plush ripe fruit on the nose: think blackberrys and dark plum, plus a whiff of bright red berry. It is velvety smooth on the palate, with soft tannins and a nice long finish with just enough oaky spiciness that makes us think it would pair nicely with BBQ ribs (I’d go with a dry rub instead of a big sweet sauce).

2008 Chateau les Tuileries

The 2008 vintage Chateau les Tuileries is a blend that exhibits the classic profile of a great red Bordeaux: complex and earthy on the nose, with notes of black currant, cassis, and a touch of red raspberry jam. On the palate, the raspberry continues, but is balanced by the muscular – yet supple – tannins typical of red Bordeaux. The result is an elegant, complex, but approachable red Bordeaux that pairs well with French cheeses, cured meats, roasted chicken, grilled sausage, steak with mushrooms, and yes, even seafood.

2007 Pinot Black

This lovely new world, fruit forward pinot noir from Chile has aromas of fresh red berries with an intriguing note of grapefruit, citrus, and green tea. A touch of earthiness and rose petal rounds out the fruit, and the touch of oak does not diminish the full aroma. It is medium to dark purple in the glass, with flavors of red currant, sour cherry, and a wonderful mouth-cleansing acidity that plays well with a lingering richness on the finish. This would pair nicely with grilled swordfish, medium-rare pork loin (with chutney) or duck a l’orange.

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2006 Barrelstone Syrah

Washington state, with its cooler climate similar to the Northern Rhone (where syrah is THE red grape), is producing world-class syrah. The ’06 Barrelstone is a nice blend of Old World spice and complexity together with New World fruit and richness. In the glass, it is a gorgeous inky dark purple in color. On the nose it exhibits a typical warm, earthy spiciness, countered with a rich, dark fruit. The wine has full flavors of black cherry, black currant and nice round tannins with just the right balance of oak. This is a wine that will drink well on its own, yet will also pair nicely with meat dishes such as rack of lamb, roasted pork, and grilled steak, maybe with a red wine reduction? You decide.

2005 Bridgman Cabernet

This is a fantastic example of what a Washington cabernet can be. On the nose, the wine initially exhibits dark blackberry and currant fruits, with notable cedar spiciness and a hint of red raspberry. As the wine opens, complex subtle aromas of blueberry, graphite, and sweet cherry evolve. A blend of 77% cabernet sauvignon and four other French grape varieties, this wine has a marvelous complexity that changes with every sip. The elegant spicy character makes me think of pairing with a thick, red salmon steak roasted medium rare on a cedar plank.

2007 Chateau Carolena Zinfandel

This Zinfandel has ripe, luscious, red fruit—cherry with hints of blueberry and vanilla—and soft, juicy, delicious tannins. Made with grapes from the Lodi region, which is famous for fruit-forward zins that have the complexity of old vines, this one is blended with a touch of syrah to give it even more depth. The alcohol balances well with the tannins and the fruit to help round out and mellow this wine. Big zinfandel is best paired with big food, like a juicy steak trimmed with crisp golden potatoes and a salad sprinkled liberally with pomegranate, gorgonzola, olive oil and dark, aged balsamic.

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