Dec 31 2011
Backupify: Best Back-Up Option For Google Accounts

Google has become a key company in the technology world and, because our lives are becoming ever more technological, a key part of our lives.  Many of us have email, documents, calendars, sites and accounts, and contacts all with Google.  Many even have phones running Google’s Android operating system, which ties in all of their Google Apps and puts it right into their smartphone.  With all of this information being online and with one company, many seek reassurance that their data will be safe.

Hackers are after the data and details of all of us all the time, viruses can get into your computer and destroy what you thought was relatively safe, and sometimes you might just accidentally delete or change something completely by accident.  There are many ways you can lose data and it can be time consuming to try to get all of your contacts back, or what if you only had one copy of that proposal for work, and it got deleted?

Backupify has a solution that brings peace to your mind even if something were to happen to your Google account.  It offers automatic, daily back-ups of gmail, docs, calendar, contacts, chats, and Google Sites.  It also allows you to back-up immediately whenever you choose, if you want to make sure recent changes are saved.

The back-ups are stored on Amazon’s cloud storage, which makes sure there are redundant copies in several different places, thereby protecting against system failure.  At the moment, Backupify offers a free 30-day trial with no credit card information required.  Their regular pricing options are very reasonable as well.

If you have valuable information on Google accounts, check out Backupify.  If you like it after the 30-day trial, go ahead and sign up with them.  No contract is required, you pay month by month at a low price.  Enjoy the security of knowing that your data is safe.

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