Apr 8 2022
Avoiding Forced Insurance Freedom Mortgage Mortgagee Clause for Insurance @FreedomMortgage @p_loanprotector

If your loan was recently sold off to Freedom Mortgage and have ever been caught with a mortgage attempting to force insurance on you, be aware. This is a common practice and a way for mortgage companies to make more money off services.
Also be aware of fees that mortgage companies charge customers. That is a whole other area that needs to be watched.

Update your homeowner insurance and make sure it gets to the mortgage company to avoid forced insurance.

Mortgagee Clause:
Freedom Mortgage Corporation
P.O Box 5050
Troy, Michigan 48007-5050

fax: 866-751-9324 Fax
email: freedommortgage@pfic.com

pfic.com Is the company which apparently administers and manages insurance policies on mortgages for Freedom Mortgage.
Proctor Loan Protector
Proctor Loan Protector is the leading provider of lender-placed insurance and insurance tracking for mortgage servicers.

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