Dec 31 2010
AT&T U-Verse Best Deal and how to keep the cost down

Here’s some stories about how you can save with various telcom/cable companies. The best way is to speak with the retention departments. They will usually help you.

All in all, we have U200+HD, 3 receivers, HBO and Cinemax for 3 months, 6MBPS, and 250 minutes for $122/month for 6 months. Better than the $140 for only one TV before…

$150 U-verse loyalty credit for staying + 12mbps/$25 YMMV
I just called uverse cs because i got a comcast promo in the mail for 15mbps for $20 a month for a year and then $35 for the next year. They gave me 12 Mbps for $25 for six months and a $150 loyalty credit if I stayed. So now my Internet is $10 cheaper then the 3 Mbps I had previously and the next two months of tv/Internet are paid.

Call U-Verse at 1(800)288-2020. At the prompt say “retentions.”

When asked if you want to cancel service, say “yes.”

I very rarely have something to contribute to most threads so I don’t chime in often– but I can confirm this deal. I called in about 1.5 weeks ago to U-verse threatening to cancel all my cable TV service and just keep the internet. The result was a lowering of my cable TV bill from $59.99 (U200 package /w DVR) + $10.00 (HD-service) = $69.99 originally, to a grand total of $29.99/month plus they threw in the Starz movie channel package for that duration and gave me a $150 credit towards my bill.
My internet service hasn’t changed (still have the 24mb pipe) so my whole bill with internet included went from $130/month to $95/month plus the $150 credit. I thought it was a steal so I pulled the trigger and decided to stay besides I’m moving inside of 6 months so these guys just lowered the price for the duration of my stay at my present house. I have only been with them since Oct. 5th.

Here’s an article from gizmodo giving some useful pointers about calling-in to do this (I read this article after I had already called-in but I unknowingly did all of the suggestions they mention)…cable-bill


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