Jun 16 2012
AT&T To Cancel DSL Services? @attcustomercare

Update June 16, 2012:

So now that I have a pending order to disconnect DSL and switch to U-Verse, I have received yet another letter in the mail dated June 15, 2012, telling me the same thing as the last letter, now this time I received it in English and Spanish.  AT&T you need to find better ways to communicate with customers, if you want to keep then as customers, your tactics are not appreciated. I called and talked to a rep almost a week ago, and I am getting yet another letter.

So today I also received yet another letter from AT&T about my AT&T U-verse service…with my passcode.

This letter was dated June 12, 2012.

Quick Note to AT&T: With Charter offering speeds of 100mbps down and 5mbps+ up, AT&T has their work cut out if they are going to be competitive.

Update 6-11-2012

So it is true. I just called AT&T and they are warning customers of the pending switch off of DSL services.

The reasons they give is that the U-Verse is faster, and fiber,

There is apparently no cancellation or other fees associated to make the switch, so that means no early termination fee. $19.95 for 12 months. for 4.5Mpbs to 6Mbps speed.  After that the rate goes to $43/mo. Seems like at that time you can call to cancel and they will try to keep you on with some promotion.  Charter Cable is offering a variety of promotions.

The one thing that caught me off guard is that the billing for the AT&T U-verse is now separated from the AT&T phone service.  Not sure why, perhaps some regulatory reason, where DSL and Phone fall under the regulatory laws.

Updated 6-9-2012

AT&T is on a huge marketing campaign to get subscribers to U Verse promoting

$29 packages for 6 months, but read the small print, after six months, regular rates apply if you don’t cancel, and there is a one time activation fee of $49. for details visit the website att.com/tvdetails

HBO and Cinemax is include for 3 months for free,

You can see the deal at att.com/tvdeals or call 877.390.0098, they are promoting this as the best alternative to DIRECTV, but is it really?

The other ad promote the wireless hd receivers.

The other ad for U-Verse for as little as $14.95  a month for 12 months, 1 year term

Quoted price for up to 3.0Mbps internet speed after monthly bill credit(what is this game they play, they charge one rate and then they apply a credit, really)

New residential internet customers only.

Qualifying home phone service required… (really? what if I don’t want AT&T phone service, that’s extra).

After 12 months, standard rates apply, unless customer cancels service (don’t forget to cancel or you will be pay 3-4 times the promotional rate).

Up to $180 early termination fee applies – cmon are you kidding! for what?

Taxes and $49 activation fee may apply – so on some promotions and services the activation may apply on others it does?

Advertised services not available n all areas – remember just like DSL was never available in all the areas AT&T guaranteed it would be available, neither is U-Verse.

U-Verse internet price includes 250 GB of data /mo, – so if you use more than that… you pay!

For more information go to www.att.com/internet-usage

modem/gateway required. offer expires 7/14/12. For details go to att.com/offerdetails


read the small print: access includes AT&T wi-fi basic, wifi enabled device required, use of w-fi at home will count toward your high speed internet usage allowance. other restrictions apply, see attwifi.com for details and locations.



I saw at least 3 AT&T U Verse

Update: 6-8-2012
I have now received a letter from AT&T stating that our home DSL service is being discontinued. Is this for real? After the text message that came from AT&T that nobody could verify and other reps claimed was not accurate. Now we receive a letter in the mail.

Important Changes are coming to your AT&T Internet Service, and it has our correct home address.

Dear Victor Caballero,
As part of AT&T’s ongoing commitment to deliver the best possible internet experience, we’re making service improvements to benefit all of our customers.
[really… I still experience horrible cell coverage at home and in the areas I travel most, no improvements have been made from my experience.]

Within the next 45 days, your current service will change to AT&T U-Verse* High Speed internet service. You’ll be able to enjoy faster internet speeds and, where available take advantage of next-generation communication and entertainment choices!
[I’ve heard horror stories at U-Verse, and the equipment that is installed is ugly and bulky]
In order for your service to work you’ll need new equipment – which will provided to you free of charge. Since there are impacts to your AT&T High Speed internet you, the account holder need to contact us now to ensure a smooth transition.

Here’s what it means for you
Internet – your current AT&T internet service will change to AT&T U-Verse High Speed Internet Service.
– We’ll guarantee the price of your current plan for the next 12 months
– we’ll match or beat your current internet speed(1) and you can take advantage of exclusive offers for speeds up to 24Mbps
– you’ll still have all the same great features you do today and your email address won’t change
– your monthly bandwidth usage allowance will increase from 150GB to 250GB per month
[was never told there was an allowance, so maybe that is why my internet stopped working all those times, what a scam, you use too much internet and we cut you off]

[ and it promotes U-Verse and U-Verse Voice]

What do I need to Do?
Get Ready! Your service change will take place within the net 45 days. To avoid any service interruption, please call 1.877.377.1686 as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition. And be sure to ask about all the innovative AT&T U-verse services and offers that may be available to you, like the U-verse Choice Plus bundle, and save $38 for 12 months.
We’re excited to bring you the next evolution of communications and entertainment products and services. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to improve our network and the services we offer.
[is my DSL broken?, why try to fix something that isn’t broken. Oh, to get customers to switch and charge them more money, it is all an upsell, 12 months we keep it the same price and then after 12 months… bang! it doubles in price or it just doesn’t work]
Your AT&T U-verse Customer Care Team

P.S. Call us at 1.877.377.1686 as soon as possible to avoid service interruption and to ensure a smooth transition. Our specially trained team is ready to help.

Original Post after receiving the text message to my AT&T iPhone:
In what appears to be another way for AT&T to charge more for services and generate more per subscriber I received this text to my phone.

Text message from AT&T:

AT&T Free Msg: High Speed Internet service at your location will be replaced shortly by AT&T U-verse. You should have recently received an email or letter with more details about how to transition your service. If you do not take action by , service will be suspended. Questions? Call 1.877.377.1686.

This number is the Web Sales Department.

Adele, the customer service rep, is telling me that I am not even on the migration list.

Here we go again AT&T pulling a total boneheaded move, sending out text messages to customers that are not even on the migration.  Talk about a way to rattle some nerves and piss people off. Send them a txt message about a letter or email that was never sent.

Apparently the text message was sent in error, and the rep Adele has a nonchalant attitude about it, like basically too bad if you don’t like it.


What an abstract message. First, how do they know my location? Oh wait they have my home address, are they talking about my home address?

Second I have heard so many complaints about U-Verse, unreliable and customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

So not only is AT&T capping data on your mobile phone, slowing it down to unusable speeds, which even when it works is not very fast, but they slow it down to where it not even usable.


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