Aug 31 2011
AT&T T-Mobile Merger NO Job Loss and Bring Back 5000 Jobs Outsourced

AT&T T-Mobile Merger NO Job Loss and Bring Back 5000 Jobs Outsourced

The proposed merger will not result in job losses for existing U.S. wireless call center employees of T-Mobile and AT&T. After closing the proposed merger with T-Mobile USA, AT&T will bring back 5, 000 wireless call center jobs to the United States that today are outsourced to other countries. This would be the largest return of jobs by any U.S. company since 2008.

– This type of headline is great, and a great PR move.
#1 – call center workers in other countries are almost impossible to understand and difficult to hear, so yes, AT&T needs to bring those jobs back, that should be a given.
#2 – 5,000 jobs brought back, these are low paying jobs, unskilled jobs, what does that mean for the thousands that have ben laid off in the past decade as AT&T acquired companies and closed many offices, slash and dash.
#3 – how about AT&T make some simple ads, that focuses on improved service, consistently I will drop calls and have no service, in major metropolitan areas. What’s up with that AT&T, “think possible” to make a call?
#4 – now for some comments:
– Alex Cutadean The loser in this is the customer. AT&T consistently raises prices and limits features without improving the service that is offered. With less competition this is only going to get worse.
– Georgia Peach Does this mean when I press “1” for English I will actually get to speak with someone who understand the words that are coming out of my mouth and me be able to understand the word out of theirs? Cause for the longest I did the chat online with someone and even there the customer service people are misspelling words
– Gideon Alvin White
Now all they need to do is stop dropping calls, lower their prices, STOP mutilating their android phones (the atrix 4g could have been incredible but gayt&t really ringed the experience as well as motorola) and bring back unlimited.

If sprint can offer better service for less money, why can’t you km.

Why should I pay more for your service when sprint gives me better service, fewer dropped calls, clearer calls, unlimited data that never gets throttled, AND it’s cheaper?

– Gloria Padilla OMG Ur call centers have stories. Ppl start normal n end up on anti depression medication.

and the stories/comments continue, hundreds of postings.
The regulators should not allow the merger to happen, it is bad for consumers.

Read this as to which company has the best service from JD Powers:

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