Mar 30 2010
AT&T Poor Network Coverage for iPhone 3G Network Los Angeles

AT&T Poor Network Coverage for iPhone 3G Network Los Angeles

Reports continue to circulate that Apple and AT&T are working to improve the well documented troubles with the AT&T network ability to maintain support for Apple’s every popular iPhone 3G devices.

I have been on the AT&T network for about a month after switching over from t-Mobile and have to admit that AT&T is barely better in some respects in terms of coverage in the Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale areas.

I drop calls in just about the same areas as I did with t-mobile. For instance tonight at the Americana at Brand, for at least 15-20 minutes I had full bars with 3G service but could not connect to any data services, Google was not working, email was not working, it was quite frustrating. All the while the phone is draining power as fast as one can count. The battery drain is quit quick with 3G turned on.

As reports roll in that AT&T is working on improving their network, this comes after a blitz by Verizon to prove that it has a better network.
It is pretty common knowledge that Verizon has a more reliable network based on CDMA and EVDO for data. Where as AT&T is based on GSM and HSPA 7.2 for 3G data services.

What do we expect with the new release of iPhones reported to be coming out in June – July 2010 time frame?

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