Jan 17 2010
Are you looking for selling and buying things online? try backpage.com

Are you looking for free classifieds with photos? Are you looking houses and apts for rent, personals, jobs, cats and dogs for sale? Try backpage.com

Why backpage.com?
People across the country want what you have, and they might have what you want. If you are looking to buy a specific thing, look around your city and check who is selling it. See where is a garage sale going on. Check out how much would a house in the desired neighborhood cost. You can buy or sell a care and even bargain. What’s more. You can even look for a job.

How does it work?
Backpage is as simple as sending or receiving an email and is definitely more fun.
Head to the city of your choice, and find the “Post An Ad” button right up top and give it a shot. There’s something in the closet you’ve been meaning to get rid of that you can have online in minutes, and sold within hours, and your ad is absolutely free to post (with a few exceptions). If you’re looking for that extra edge on your competition, put up pictures to go along with the text. If you’ve looking to take your ad to the next level, we have a variety of affordable options to make your ad stand out from the pack, including premium placement and posts in multiple cities. Take a minute to read the terms of use, conveniently linked all over the site to make sure you’re playing by the rules, and everything should be fine.

Who are you Backpage people ?
Backpage is owned and operated by the Village Voice Media, from offices in Phoenix and Dallas. In either case, it’s probably too hot here while you’re reading this. Our partnerships with local newspapers, alternative newsweeklies and other media outlets in your area allow us to bring new visitors to our site (and to your ad) every day. Our staff works hard to make sure the site is as user-friendly as possible, fighting spam with a vengeance, and developing new features for the site. Also, we’re finding time to perfect the rules of the future Olympic sport of Tiny Basketball. We work hard to make sure Backpage is as easy to use as possible, but if you ever have trouble, you can contact our Support team, who will do their best to help.

You may also want to try out the new affiliate program.
Earn 10% commission on new users you refer to post on backpage.com. Commissions are paid on upgrades purchased by Users. Upgrades include sponsor ads, paid postings, and auto re-postings. Simply add links to your blog or web site using urls with your affiliate id.

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