Mar 31 2013
Apple iPhone 5S and iOS 7 to be Released June 20, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S and iOS 7 to be Released June 20, 2013

Apple will launch iPhone 5S and a new-look iOS 7 on June 20.

The iPhone 5S will will feature a new processor and new imaging technology.

Expect the Apple iPhone 5S to be available for purchase a few weeks after the June 20 announcement and which would be sometime in the first couple weeks of July 2013.

The iPhone 5S will feature:
– Appleā€™s new A7 processor
– upgraded camera and a fingerprint chip under the Home button for improved security

Also expected is a low cost iPhone modem which will be targeted at markets where less expensive handsets are readily available. Think a $200-$250 price range for an iPhone economy, with some possible limited features. We are looking forward to the Apple Developer’s Conference and many announcements from Apple including these new mobile devices.
WWDC 2013 Many believe Apple could be scheduling the 2013 event for June 10-14th or possibly the week after.

There are reports that the iPhone 6 with iOS 7 could be announced in mid-June and be released in August. More details will follow.

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