Feb 16 2015
Apple Car Secret Project “Titan”

Could Apple Inc be secretly developing an automobile that runs on electricity? An electric car, much like the Tesla, Nissan Leaf and others, using battery technology that allows a car to be charged and then powered for anywhere from a couple dozen miles to hundreds of miles. In order for an electric car to be viable to mainstream consumers, it has to charge quickly and have a range of 200 miles, at least 200 is the sweet spot. A Nissan Leaf can go approx 80 miles with typical driving, new model may be further.
If Apple is to be successful in this space it is either going to be a hybrid, single or two passenger vehicle with a limited range for instance campuses or large complexes, perhaps it will be self navigating. Whatever Apple’s “TITAN” project turns out to be, it will surely be either revolutionary and disruptive, perhaps it may not be groundbreaking and maybe it will be a better and more impressive design as Apple is known for their designs.

Could Apple buy Tesla? The rumors are out there, and there is a change, these rumors have circulated in the past. Does it make sense for Apple to acquire Tesla, perhaps. What can Apple build with with the stockpile of cash it has vs buying Tesla, I am sure there have been discussions, Tesla has the battery technology, and that is the next big play for Tesla, home/business off peak battery power. Charge the batteries from a solar source and have the energy available at night.

Could it be Tesla vs Titan?

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