Sep 27 2012
Announcing: PulverConnect From Jeff Keni Pulver
Announcing: PulverConnect

Today I am announcing a new conference event I am calling PulverConnectâ„¢, an event which explores the state of Social Communications.

Trillions (well at least billions) of IP based messages have been created (in the form of voice, video, text through services such as Facebook, Twitter, G+mail, LinkedIn, and many more) over the past 15 years, and I believe we are only at the beginning of a revolution in the future of communications.

Presence is has become the trigger point for communication.

I grew up in an era where the dial-tone on my home phone meant something to me. Today, presence is is the new dial-tone and more and more communication sessions happen because of presence. The evolution of presence has huge implications for a number of industries, including: advertising, media and telecom.

In 1995 I coined the term “VON” to represent “Voice on the Net” which in 1996 lead to the founding of the VON Coalition and in 1997 the VON Conference, which ran until 2008. At it’s core, VON was about the overlap between the computing and communications industries. VON helped with the commercialization of VoIP and helped it’s worldwide adoption in the world of telecommunications.

PulverConnect will bring together people interested in the future of communications and how the future will be affected by the continued evolution of the Social Media and Telecom Industries.

Let’s talk. I hope you’ll join us as a delegate, speaker, exhibitor or sponsor.

Meet me February 26-27 at the Presidio in San Francisco to continue the conversation.

Hugs, Jeff

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