Jul 12 2012
AMC – Your 24/7 Helping Hand

Everyone who owns a motor vehicle will quickly learn that the initial cost of the vehicle is only the start! There’s the gas, the oil, the servicing, the tests…..and the breakdowns.

Breakdowns are inevitable, nothing lasts forever right…..but they don’t have to be something that preys on your mind and stops you enjoying your motoring experience.

The Allstate Motor Club or AMC takes all of the hassle and worry out of breaking down, so that if your motor should seize, or you get a puncture you just can’t fix…..it’s just one of those things. A minor annoyance, but nothing to really worry about.

If you decide to register for the AMC’s Roadside Advantage Membership Plan you’ll benefit from a whole host of added extras:


24-hour emergency service, roadside assistance

Road and towing service

Fuel delivery

Lost or stolen key services

Tire change service

Lockout service

Up to $750 Trip interuption benefit

Up to $500 Arrest bond certificate benefit (State specific)

Cover from less than $1 a week

Free his and hers designer watches


Where the Allstate Motor Club really excells however is in the extra options it has available to it’s members. Not only is it a breakdown and recovery service, but the various membership plans mean you can tailor your membership to your exact requirements.

Other services available include: Flight deals, car rental deals, hotel and accommodation deals, retail and entertainment shopping discounts, as well as financial and insurance products and a whole host of special deals for all manner of items.

For cover that looks after you and not just your vehicle, check out the Allstate Motor Club  

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