Jan 27 2010
All about friends ranch

The Friends Ranch family believes in farming and has proved that there is a lot to be explored in this sector of business. With over 100 years of glorious period in this business, it has critically acclaimed to be the best and provides the top most quality of citrus one has ever seen. One might be surprised to know that such a small business sector can see such huge success as the citrus of the friends ranch is demanded all over California and holds export quality.

Wondering over the secrets being their success! The family has a philosophy of keeping their trees happy. They believe that the entire business and profit is in hands of the trees. They are just the care-takers while the plans do their job of seeding money. It is not easy to maintain such a huge plantation with such precision, but the family has proved that we can do this if we have the confidence and willingness.

Covering the entire valley, touching the forests, their farms range in wide areas and even covers tough areas where one would never dream of planting a tree. The journey of the citrus from trees to the open market is carefully monitored by the family people with following strict guidelines. Their most revealing and indicative secret is that they never use preservatives that gives natural taste to the fruits.

Now, even the market scope of the business has multiplied itself with buyers coming from all parts of the world looking for the fresh and awesome taste. They have packages to showcase their plantations to people and you can get guides to give you each and every small detail about the place. It is difficult to imagine how such a simple and comprised idea can attain such new heights.

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