Sep 28 2010
Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls – Advertiser Terminates

If you are involved in the affiliate marketing world, you have probably had this happen to you at least once…

You signup for a program, work on the campaign with setup, etc.. launch it, at this point it is costing you money and you are not making any money.

Then the advertiser, merchant decides to pull the offer, terminate you as a publisher, or maybe even close the program.

At this point you are either in shock, very upset, or trying to figure out what to do next…

Here’s some options:

1. Try to contact the advertiser and see if they will give you explanation as to why they decided to terminate you, sometimes the respond other times they don’t.

2. Find a competing advertiser and drive traffic to them.  This is why I always like to find a product/service that at least two providers with affiliate programs exists. i.e. online backup software, virus protection software, etc.. you get the idea.  Usually you get a week or so to update your links and update your site.

3.  As an affiliate you have some ways you can work with advertisers and managers to influence and making sure that you stay in the program.

In many cases advertisers will keep publishers in a program even if they are not driving sales, nut because they have content and are making an effort, and you never know when a link will start to rank higher.

As always keep the creativity flowing with affiliate marketing.

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