Mar 31 2010
A new painless blood sugar level monitor for diabetics

If you’re a diabetic sufferer or know of anyone that has this condition then you’ll know that measuring your blood sugar level on a daily basis is vital, or risk serious side affects. To help diabetics deal with this need, special hand held meters with a small needle at the end is used several times a day to take readings. Most people with diabetes will tell you with a brave face that this ritual is all part of their life, though having to constantly prick your finger to draw blood each day must make for an uncomfortable routine.

Fortunately a helpful new device has been designed to make this process pain free and effortless. The new blood sugar measuring product is called the ‘Symphony tCGM’ and is a Transdermal continuous glucose monitoring system manufactured by Echo Therapeutics based in Franklin Massachusetts. This new monitoring machine is a wireless device that consists of two parts, a small skin patch the size of a small coin and a central glucose biosensor, which gives you your body’s glucose reading.

To use this device a person attaches the small skin patch directly to a freshly shaved bit of skin, which is then worn on the body through out the day. The hand held biosensor device can then give the person constant accurate readings of their blood sugar level. This system works using electrical pulses emitted by the small skin patch; these pulses penetrate the skin and measure the amount of glucose that the body has while leaving through the body’s capillaries. Tests have shown that the detection accuracy is roughly 97% accurate, the same as the needle monitoring device. The skin patches can be left on your body while you sleep and shower, but must be replaced every two days.

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