Aug 19 2015
2016 Nissan LEAF to Feature 110 Mile Range Larger Battery @nissan #nissanleaf

If you bought a Nissan LEAF in 2011 to 2015 you are noticing the battery capacity is reduced year by year.

There are rumors that Nissan is releasing a 110 mile range version of the LEAF, that as battery capacity drops will probably be in the 50-60 mile range.  This is being realistic as Nissan has been sued twice at least for misrepresentation claims and has lost.

If you bought a 2011 Nissan LEAF you are certainly not getting the range you once got, that’s a guarantee, not Nissan is attempting to not cannibalize 2015-2016 sales by keep the new model of the Nissan under wrap as long as possible and perspective buys will either avoid the LEAF or wait for the new model.

It is interesting to note that Nissan LEAF sales having been declining as BMW, Tesla, Volt have been increasing. In many markets the BMW and Tesla surpass the sales of Nissan LEAF.

Next month there is an Elective Drive Week, where you can see the vehicles that consumers are buying.

Having purchased a LEAF and been burned by the questionable advertising tactics of Nissan, and having trying to reason with representatives of Nissan and hitting a brick wall, does not speak highly for anyone else interested in purchasing a Nissan LEAF or any other Nissan product.

The recommendation if you insist on buying a Nissan LEAF is to wait, and lease not purchase as no matter how you look at it, the LEAF batteries will have to be replaced.

Source: Andy Mohr Avon Nissan

2016 Nissan Leaf Changes

While there are many features that make the Leaf a popular vehicle, there is one thing it’s known for above all else: its battery. The 2016 Nissan Leaf redesign will bring a first to the electric car: your choice of two different batteries.

  • The standard Leaf will come with the same battery as the 2015 model, featuring an EPA-estimated driving range of 84 miles.
  • Drivers of higher trim levels will enjoy a battery with as much as 25% increased capacity, delivering a driving range of as much as 110 miles.

The majority of electric cars only feature one battery option, and by providing drivers with their choice of a lower capacity battery if they don’t intend to drive long distances, the new Leaf can find a home in even more garages.

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