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Jul 27 2011
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Jul 27 2011
200 Year Old White Wine Sold for $123,000

200 Year Old White Wine Sold for $123, 000


Sommelier Christian Vanneque paid $123,000 for a single bottle of a 200-year-old Chateau d’Yquem.

The 1811 vintage is hailed as of the most august ever to emerge from France’s famed Bordeaux wine region.

Jul 27 2011
Cigarettes are bad, why do some make it worse for others….

Cigarettes are bad, why do some make it worse for others….

We know that cigarettes are bad for your health. Why do people smoke? Addiction is the most common explanation, after getting past the it is cool to smoke.

In the past few days I have noticed how drivers on the road will flick their cigarettes out the window

Jul 27 2011
Red Light Camera Vote, Pay or Not To Pay? Refund?

Wow what a mess in Los Angeles regarding the red light cameras. Some are saying, don’t pay, some are saying it doesn’t get reported to the credit agencies, apparently the vote on wether to keep the cameras or not is going to the council today.

People need to make sure they don’t confuse other city cameras, for instance Pasadena has several red light cameras, Union and Lake for instance. If you get a ticket there, well.. I would say you should pay, until these are challenged, which probably happen soon.

Have you gotten a red light camera ticket? Do expect a refund if you already paid?

How do most people really feel about red light cameras? Do they really cut down on accidents, or decrease..

Jul 26 2011
Olympian Jeret Peterson – Idaho Olympic ski medalist dead at 29

Olympian Jeret Peterson – Idaho Olympic ski medalist dead at 29

Jul 26 2011
iOS 4.3.5 Software Update
iOS 4.3.5 Software Update

Fixes a security vulnerability with certificate validation.

Products compatible with this software update:
• iPhone 4 (GSM model)
• iPhone 3GS
• iPad 2
• iPad
• iPod touch (4th generation)
• iPod touch (3rd generation)

For information on the security content of this update,   please visit this website:
Jul 26 2011
City of Pasadena – Charging Your EV Electric Vehicle

This info is taken from the City of Pasadena EV Charging Info Page. Do you own or are looking at purchasing an Electric Vehicle and live in the City of Pasadena? Make sure the city gets your input as this is how they will respond to the rising trend in electric vehicles.

Service Panel Upgrade
Every house is wired with a specific electric service capacity, or load capacity, which is the total amount of electricity (amps) a house can draw at one time from its utility service connection in the street. Homes with fewer or more efficient appliances and homes that conserve can be wired for a smaller load capacity. Homes that use more electrical equipment (kitchen and laundry appliances, entertainment centers, air conditioning, computers, pool pumps, small electronics, etc.) need to be wired for a greater load capacity.

Generally speaking, smaller or older houses may have a 100 amp capacity, renovated or new homes may have a 200 amp capacity; and large homes may have 400 amp capacity.

It is crucial to know the exact load capacity of your home. The additional load from EV charging may exceed your home’s load capacity. Overloading your whole house circuit will cause a power outage in your home

A licensed electrician can assess your home’s load capacity and whether charging an EV will require a service panel upgrade to handle the additional load.  If your house does require more capacity, you or your electrician will need to contact PWP to request a service panel upgrade. Call the UTILITY SERVICE PLANNING UNIT at 744-4495.

Charge Right: At Night!

Electricity use peaks in the late afternoon/early evening, putting stress on the local and statewide electricity grid. Since the rolling blackouts in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, people have fortunately become more conscientious about using energy-intensive appliances at off-peak hours (late evening, night and early morning), which helps prevent grid overload and power outages. PWP encourages EV owners to charge their vehicles overnight, when there is less demand on the grid. Charging at night will help PWP to better manage power delivery and keep utility costs down.

Charging on the Road

A number of charging options are already available on the road, and more will become available as market demand for EVs grows and the charging infrastructure is developed.

Not all charging stations are alike or compatible with your EV’s charging specifications. PWP recommends that you check your vehicle specifications for charging station compatibility before plugging in.

Click here for a list of charging options in Pasadena. Go to for a public/private compilation of charging options throughout Southern California. You may also try which is maintained by EV owners and enthusiasts (PWP cannot verify its accuracy.)


At this time, PWP does not offer any incentives for installing EV charging station.

PWP does offer time-of-use (TOU) rates that may benefit some EV customers, however, customers are responsible for the meter installation costs (approximately $800). PWP anticipates developing a TOU rate schedule to encourage off-peak EV charging and energy use within the next 12-18 months.

Keep PWP in the Loop

As more people purchase EV’s and plug them in at home, PWP will need to keep up with the service demand by upgrading home service and replacing transformers in the street.

If you are thinking about buying an EV, keep PWP in the loop! Please let us know when you might purchase an EV so we can project improvements to the utility and better serve your needs.  Take a quick survey to help PWP keep its equipment EV ready …

Take another quick survey to help build EV charging infrastucture in So Cal…

PWP Electric Service Upgrades

Public Charging Stations in Pasadena
Regional Map of Charging Stations
SoCal EV (public/private initiative for plug-in readiness)
Electric Auto Association
Tax Credits on Electric and Reduced Emissions Vehicles
PWP’s EV Fleet Program

Jul 26 2011
Los Angeles Red Light Cameras, Don’t Pay Your Tickets?

Red Light Cameras, Hollywood.

What a waste of resources this has been. So if you run a light and get caught on the camera, you don’t have to pay the ticket, there seems to be

65,000 tickets remain unpaid, is there a hold placed on your license?  Apparently not, but that has to be verified…

How about some additional police officers to monitor areas.

Why did the red light system fail? Was it mismanaged, too expensive?  or perhaps both.


Jul 26 2011
Oxnard Salsa Festival This Weekend July 30 & 31, 2011

Oxnard Salsa Festival This Weekend July 30 & 31, 2011

The annual Oxnard Salsa Festival is this weekend.


18th Annual Oxnard Salsa FestivalJuly 30 & 31, 2011 Food! Music! Dance!
2011 Band Line-up
On Saturday, Orquesta Charangoa will play from 11 am to 1 pm, Angel Lebron y Sabor Latino from 2 pm to 4 pm, and Orquesta Son Mayor from 4:45 pm to 6:45 pm.On Sunday, Phil Robinson and Sonora Borinquena will perform from 11 am to 1 pm, the Janeen Puente Orchestra from 2 pm to 4 pm, and Orquesta Tabaco y Ron from 4:45 pm to 6:45 pm.





Sat – Sun: 11:00 am 7:00 pm



Gourmet Salsa

Gourmet Salsa

Oxnard Salsa Festival Official Salsa Guide

Live Spicy! Eat Spicy!
The Oxnard Salsa Festival is a celebration of all things salsa – food, music and dance – and a place where salsa (the sauce!) reigns supreme.
The Largest Salsa Selection Under One Roof is at the Oxnard Salsa Festival – July 30 & 31, 2011.
In the Salsa Tasting Tent, you’ll find fifty different flavors of salsa to sample and buy. From fresh and fruity, sweet and smoky, to mild and scorching hot. It’s the region’s biggest salsa bar!
Admission to the Salsa Tent is $5 – and includes a bag of fresh Mission tortilla chips and ten tasting tickets.
Spice up your life at the Oxnard Salsa Festival. And enjoy  great salsa all summer long by visiting the restaurants and gourmet grocers featured below.
Featured Exhibitors inside the Salsa Tasting Tent
Local Restaurants
BG’s Café
428 South “A” Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 487-0700
Open daily for breakfast and lunch
House red salsa, garlic roasted green salsa

La Dolce Vita Restaurant
740 South “B” Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 486-6878
Open Tues – Sun for lunch and dinner
Mild Italian-style salsa
Cabo Seafood Grill & Cantina
1041 South Oxnard Blvd.
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 487-6933
Open daily for lunch and dinner
Mild red tomato, green tomatillo & jalapeno, spicy manzano & habanero

La Vero’s Mexican Food
1205 Saviers Road
Oxnard, CA 93032
(805) 395-6394
Salsa de habanero, salsa chimichurri
Café Rio Mexican Grill
1831 North Rose Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93036
(805) 288-3250
Open daily for lunch and dinner
Pico de gallo, salsa fresca
Miramar Restaurant
653 S. Oxnard Blvd.
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 483-6102
Red hot salsa Miramar
Casa Lopez
325 South “A” Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 240-9730
Catering, speical events, Sunday brunch
Mango salsa, spicy red pineapple
Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill
2121 North Rose Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 485-8603
Tomatillo pineapple avocado, mango habanero
Casapueblo Café
310 South “C” Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 486-8116
Fire roasted tomato salsa
Ruby’s Cafe & Nightclub
348 South Oxnard Blvd.
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 486-2169
Open Tues – Sun for lunch and dinner
Roasted tomatillo salsa, salsa verde
El Oaxaco
335 West 4th Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 487-9055
Open daily breakfast, lunch and dinner
Salsa de chili de aqua, red salsa
Sugar Beets Restaurant
455 South “A” Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 240-7777
Open Mon-Sat 11am-9pm
Mango habanero, mild red tomato salsa
El Parian
155 East 7th Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 483-1411
Salsa arian a la roja, salsa mexicana
the kitchen
529 South “A” Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 385-8980
Mon-Sat 11am – 10pm
House green, specialty fruit
El Torito
1720 East Ventura Blvd.
Oxnard, CA 93036

(805) 485-4887
Open daily for lunch and dinner

Red house table salsa

Tomas Café
622 South “A” Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 483-6633
Open daily for breakfast and lunch
fruit salsa, mango salsa, red hot salsa
Iron Horse Bar & Grill
221 West 5thStreet
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 483-4766
Roasted jalape?o, tomato salsa
Yolie’s Fresh Mex Grill
138 West Main Street
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 652-0338
Open daily for lunch and dinner
Yolie’s salsa, house roasted tomato salsa, quemada salsa
Gourmet Salsa Purveyors

Flaming Dix Gourmet Fiery Foods
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe sunflower hot & mild salsa, triple DIXXX
Jala-Fresca, Inc.
Simi Valley, CA
Available at: Whole Foods, Lassens, Oak Park and Simi Valley Farmers Market
Green salsa – mild, medium, hot, blazing hot
Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market
1750 E. Channel Islands Blvd – Oxnard
1710 E. Gonzales Road – Oxnard
Roasted tomato, green restaurant style salsa
Red Hot Foods
Santa Paula, CA
Available at: Channel Islands, Simi Valley
& Ojai Farmers Markets
(805) 258-3650
Specialty salsas, hot sauces, BBQ sauces
Vallarta Supermarkets
1050 South “A” Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 240-1400
Deli-fresh red and green salsa,
Pico de gallo, guacamole salsa

Spicy Foods & Fun Shopping!


A total of 150 exhibitors at the Oxnard Salsa Festival

Vendor Marketplace

Shop for gourmet sauces, potted succulents, hand-crafted jewelry, home décor, clothing, handbags, toys, Latin imports, garden art and more in the Vendor Marketplace!




The Oxnard Salsa Festival celebrates salsa food, music, dance – and is host to over 150 vendors featuring specialty merchandise, unique arts and crafts, information, international foods, kid activities and more. Our attendees love the marketplace for its selection and variety – not just the salsa!

The 2011 Oxnard Salsa Festival is SOLD OUT.  To be placed on the waiting list please email [email protected] with the name of your organization, a listing of your offering, and, most importantly, please attach a photo of your booth display.
Vendor Questions

Email [email protected] or leave a message at 805-247-0197 if you have any questions regarding the 2010 Oxnard Salsa Festival application process.

Refund Policy

A vendor may request a refund (less a $50 processing fee) up until June 15. Absolutely no refunds or credits will be issued after this date.


International Food Courts


Savor spicy Mexican fare, Argentine empanadas, Polish sausages and American barbecue along with sweet treats like funnel cakes, shaved ice, strawberry desserts and baked goods. Two food courts!


Thanks to 2011 Festival Sponsors!

Zesty Sponsors
Art & Music Factory
BG’s Café
Café Rio
Centers for Family Health
City of Oxnard Environmental Resources Division
Danmer Custom Shutters
El Oaxaco Restaurant
Home Depot
Kern’s Nectar
Lazer Broadcasting
the kitchen
St. John’s Regional Medical Center/
St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital
VC Reporter
Chile Pepper Sponsors
International Paper
La Dolce Vita
Mehle Printing
Montecito Bank & Trust
Oxnard Convention & Visitors Bureau


Jul 26 2011
Grand Opening: The Apple Store, The Americana.

Come to the new Apple Store, The Americana, and bring your curiosity. It’s the best place to get your hands on the new iPad 2, learn all about the Mac, get set up with an iPhone 4 — even get advice for your business. When you get to the store, find a Specialist in a blue shirt — your guide to everything from checking in for an appointment to checking out instantly. And if you’re one of the first 1000 customers, you’ll get a free commemorative T-shirt.*

Get all the advice you need for your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod.
One to One
There’s no better way to get set up, get trained, and get going on your new Mac.
Our Business Team is dedicated to you and your company.
Free hands-on workshops for beginners and pros alike.

*No purchase necessary. While supplies last.

Jul 26 2011
Are You Laundry Lazy? Clorox Survey Interesting Results

Are You Laundry Lazy? Clorox Survey Interesting Stats

Survey by Clorox finds about 50 percent of men wear clothes — including undies — many times before washing them.

Single women buy new clothing rather than doing laundry

Jeans average five wearings between washes.

Underwear is worn twice, although 12 percent of the men said they’ll often manage a third use.

One might think that single men looking to impress the ladies would have cleaner clothes than men involved in committed relationships. But it’s actually the other way around, according to Clorox scientist Mary Gagliardi, who blogs for the company under the moniker Dr. Laundry.

The survey phone interview with 1,200 adults.

Jul 25 2011
Free pass to 35th Home Remodeling and Decorating Show this weekend at Rose Bowl


Banner: 35th Annual Home Remodeling and Decorating Show

Just print out page one of this email and bring to the show to get in free.

The Original Pasadena Home & Garden Show
Sat-Sun July 30th – 31st, 2011
The Rose Bowl
1001 Rose Bowl Dr., Pasadena., CA 91103
800 571-9012
Show Hours: Sat: 10 am – 8pm, Sun: 10 am – 6 pm

Be part of the solution…Bring your donation of any new school supply to help our public schools, together we can make a difference!

Over 3600 Sq ft of beautiful gardens, hundreds of home improvement experts on hand to answer all your home improvement questions. Everything from roofs to rose gardens all on one fabulous weekend in one giant location. Save time, Save money at The 35th Annual Home Remodeling & Decorating Show coming to the Rose Bowl July 30-31.

There are also a number of do-it-yourself workshops, gardening tips offered by radio and TV master gardener Nick Federoff and Feng Shui techniques for the home from author and design professional P.K. Odle. Meet Trouble Shooter Judd McIlvain and Organizational expert Evelyn Gray who will be offering organizational workshops throughout the weekend.

Garden area includes; Waterfalls, pools, flowers, workshops, plants and flowers for sale, so much more.

Don’t Miss the IKEA Modular Home display…true California Living!

E-Waste Recycling Program at the show, bring all your old electronics and dispose of them properly.


GIANT Family Entertainment FREE SUMMER CONCERT featuring;

Reunion band flyer


Sponsored by:The Home Improvement Guide

Jul 25 2011
365 Hydroponics Opens August 1, 2011 on Lincoln Ave in Pasadena

365 Hydroponics in the 2000 block of Lincoln Avenue will open Aug. 1

Hydroponics Store to Opens August 1, 2011 on Lincoln Ave in Pasadena

2062 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA, 91103-1325. Phone:

Jul 25 2011
Create your own browser theme only @ Brand Thunder

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brand Thunder for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Create your own browser theme


The companies can now connect more with their audiences as Brand Thunder has built browser themes that allow the major brands like Bob Marley, Huffington Post and NASCAR to get connected with their clients. The browser provides your community a building tool like Conduit’s community toolbar wizard and added to it are graphics like Firefox personal to make the browser attractive and appealing. These additional bonanzas are free to use for their audience. It is a first of its kind browser theme that allows its creator to generate interactive browser themes of IE and Firefox.

To add to its anvil, Brand Thunder has announced its Do-It-Yourself browser theme which will be launched on 27th July, 2011. It is now looking for the reviews and trials from you to get the feedback on how their themes can make a difference in your lives. To create your theme, you just need to visit the website of Brand Thunder, build your own theme and click Finish, and then analyze to what extent these themes can be useful and fun for you. Is this browser a friendly exposure to make you feel connected with yourself and your friends or just something different that you would like to share with your friends and social networks?

The more you enter into the Brand Thunder themes, the more you find out how differently these themes can be useful for you like if these themes can provide better services to your community by making them persistently present on the website or if you can find enough images or if it is simple enough to add your own image or if it is useful enough to add the news feed. These themes by Brand Thunder are exclusive for you to experience its usefulness, friendliness and fun.



Brand Thunder Build Your Own Browser Theme

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Jul 25 2011
Exclusive Summer Vacation Packages at Branson Hotels

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hiltons of Branson

Within the scenic Branson, if you get a luxurious boarding for your enjoyment and fun and spending your summer break, then what a mesmerizing time it would become for you! Hilton Promenade is just the right place for you. Over the Lake Taneycomo in Missouri, The Hilton Promenade is just located within the vicinity of the Branson Landing facing its shopping arcade at the waterfront with 100 special stores and providing breathtaking views from each of the suits, condos and guestrooms. Have fun while staying just at the center of this vibrant cosmos! These long summer weekends are the most appropriate time to catch the Branson’s beauty and enjoyment into your long cherished memories.

What else you want, the hotel is yet again providing you with the exclusive vacation package with the third night stay free for you. This package includes deluxe accommodation, the details of which you can see HERE. Along with this you can also have two tickets for children and two for adults to enjoy the Legends of the Kung Fu show at the White House Theater. Besides, your two children will get passes for their visit to the Silver Dollar City, a $25 gift card for your shopping bonanza and a $25 dollar food credit at the Level 2 Steakhouse.

Answer few questions and avail yourself of these packages. No hotel will bestow on you free package and gift except for Hotel Hilton Promenade where your stay and enjoyment will go both together. These questions are very simple, you just need to write about the events happening in Branson, your experience at the Hilton Promenade before, or speak about any package that Hotel is providing or just write about or place your picture of yourself and your family enjoying their time at Branson. Make your summer time at Branson the most memorable moment by only staying at Hilton Promenade. To know more about the hotel and all the luxuries and facilities it is offering, visit the official website of Hiltons of Branson.

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Jul 25 2011
Reality TV Hits Real Estate as Home Foreclosures Continue

Reality TV Hits Real Estate as Home Foreclosures Continue

As the real estate market in many areas continues to decline there’s a renewed interest by the networks to give viewers a real dose of reality in the real estate world with investors who flip properties, buying properties well below the market value and investing time and money to improve the homes and selling at a close to market price or premium. In many cases making their invest back quickly.

Jul 25 2011
Constant Contact Email Marketing Solutions @constantcontact

What are you looking for in an email marketing solution?

Constant Contact includes:

  • Customizable website visitor sign up form
  • Over 100 professional HTML email templates (newsletters, promos, invites and more)
  • List management and hosting (including unsubscribe and bounce mgmt); Automatic delivery in the correct format, HTML or text
  • Real–time reporting (including opens, who clicked on which links and more)

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

Already have an account?
Log in or add a free trial of a new product
Your 60 Day Trial Includes

Full access to all features of the product you select with up to 100 contacts* for Email Marketing, up to 10 registrants* for Event Marketing, up to 100 survey responses* for Online Survey
FREE Coaching to help you get going fast
FREE Support for as long as you use the product
FREE NutshellMail to keep up with the social buzz about your business
FREE QuickView Mobile to work on your campaigns from your mobile phone
FREE know how with rich education and training, all at your fingertips

What if I exceed my trial limit?

* If you have more than 100 contacts, or think you might get more that 10 registrants or 100 responses, that’s terrific! You’ve got a great head start. Most people use the trial period to get started and send emails, events or surveys to a small list to start. Once you go over the trial limits, you’ll be prompted to upgrade to a full paid account, allowing you to have as many subscribers as you’d like. All your work will carry over.
What happens once my FREE trial is over?

All your mailing lists and data are still there, so you can keep building your email lists. You can still create new emails, surveys, or events, but to send them you’ll need to buy the product.
What if I want to cancel?

Cancel at any time — online or by phone. There’s no obligation, no risk, no contract.

Jul 25 2011
Shakespeare by the Sea 2011 Locations – Altadena

Shakespeare by the Sea 2011 Locations – Altadena

Find out more: Mission ~ Board

Shakespeare by the Sea (SBTS) is a nonprofit organization that was launched in 1998 by Producing Artistic Director Lisa Coffi.  Partnerships with local city organizations enabled us to offer the performances for free.  The first season was tremendously successful – over 3, 000 people attended the nine performances at what was then an unused facility in the park.

Since then, SBTS has blossomed.  We now present a repertory season that runs for 9 weeks – 5 weeks in San Pedro and 4 weeks in other venues throughout LA and Orange County.  Our performances remain admission free.  SBTS is the only company in California doing what we do.  Each summer, the company tours to 14 or 15 cities for a total of 34 to 36 performances.

Over the years, SBTS has developed into a mid-sized arts organization with three core programs:

  1. Free Summer Repertory presented in San Pedro and then throughout the South Bay, LA  and Orange Counties.
  2. Little Fish Theatre (LFT) our 60 seat black box theatre where we produce new, classic and contemporary works year-round.
  3. Shaking it up with Shakespeare (SWISS) our touring educational outreach program.

These programs reflect our mission to provide culturally diverse audiences with theatrical encounters. Over the past 10 years, SBTS has grown into a mid-sized arts organization that is an integral part of the San Pedro and South Bay communities. Many audience members communicate their enthusiasm through surveys and correspondence.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce my children to Shakespeare that I could not otherwise afford.” Margaret Kemp, Long Beach.

“Three years ago we heard about SBTS and we’ve been coming ever since. You are all wonderful – this is the highlight of our summer.  My kids love it too!”  K. Dahlin, Gardena.

Our free summer festival remains our core program and has become a tradition for thousands of South Bay families.

Including our other programs, SBTS has brought quality entertainment to thousands of youth and their families, seniors and individuals in Southern California since 1998.

Founding Members of SBTS:
Lisa Coffi
Stephanie Courtney
Keith Gotowicki

Altadena: Farnsworth Park
568 E Mount Curve Ave, Altadena, CA 91001
Google Maps

Sunday, July 24 – 7pm – King Lear
Sunday, August 7- 7pm – Much Ado About Nothing

Bench seating.

Jul 25 2011
Michael Jackson Memorial Concert Announcement

Michael Jackson Memorial Concert Announcement
New Memorial Tribute Concert/Festival Aug 2011
Being Organized-Opinions/thoughts

Jul 25 2011

Northridge location
14 locations throughout the Los Angeles area


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